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I'm not updating my polybook anymore. If you want to follow my progress of making my own game level you can find my dev log for it here.



    Prepare to be impressed! 😜


    Just started the animations fundamentals course, 'cause I wanna learn how to make cool micro-shorts like the Halloween Melvin in a Box!


    My first animation EVER:



    Yeah, I got a long way to go... 😂


  • smurfmier1985
    hey miranda that is a great start . it looks great . youre doing really great .

  • yyukinoh1989 Thanks for the support Yukino! It's more difficult than I thought it would be, but fun though! 😄 

    A nice challenge to keep me busy until the next workshop 😉

  • smurfmier1985 np for now all i can do is support :D i sure do look forward to learn this too .
    and i guess youre right animating will be a real challenge till the next workshop :) but i am sure you can do it .

  • i ll be watching this thread closely !

  • mmalhomsi Awesome to hear Malhomsi 😀

  • smurfmier1985 Hey!  A polybook for you!  Cool!  I'll be watching 👀

  • nekronavt Star Wars reference! I love it 😆

    silentheart00 awesome Silent 😎

  • Awesome Miranda! :) 

  • mmahir07 Thanks! 😃

  • Just an observation...

    The fundamentals of animation course is full of good information, but it goes reallyyy fast through the explanations and has what seems like pretty difficult exercises for someone just starting out... So I went against my nature and went on with the next course, being the animation bootcamp.  Watched a big chunk of it and I'm very pleased with what I'm seeing! 

    waylow Wayne Dixon goes in a much more manageable pace, explains things really well and the exercises build up much better in difficulty. Really fun and interesting course!

    So, for anyone reading this who also wants to start learning animation: 

    Watch the fundamentals course to get an idea of what it entails, but I suggest skipping the exercises for now (you can always do them later!) and continue on with the animation bootcamp. Trust me, it'll save you some headaches 😅

  • smurfmier1985 Thanks Miranda for sharing your experience and as Pavel added we know that you will be a star :D

    Regarding the Polybook threads on CG Cookie - basically what is the concept of it, so is it okay to post WIP works and not only finished models? Maybe the question is strange, but somehow this was not clear for me in the past.

    In this way maybe I would like to also open one to have eventual feedbacks about the progress of things

  • csehz That's what I've been using the Polybooks and Sketchbooks for; posting WIPs and the eventual finished product.  It mildly motivates me to post something at least once a week, keep some progress going.

  • csehz I'm using it for WIP's of personal work and for things I do for the courses (like practice by myself or the course exercises). Also to keep me motivated to do something every week, and to ask for feedback (or get it without asking it's always welcome 😊). 

    It's like a homework and WIP thread, but for in between classes / workshops! 😀

  • smurfmier1985 , silentheart00 , super thanks guys then probably I would also open one with similiar motivations, maybe that would give some consistency for me to keep creating something in Blender. I mean always watching tutorials no probs with that, but rarely used to create new things outside of the classes

  • csehz Awesome! I'll be watching it 😊👀

  • My first success! 

    Woohoo, I got a Circular Path going!! 😁

  • smurfmier1985 I haven't been through the animation stuff yet, but yeah, that's a circular path lol


    Game plan until the next workshop

    I always like to have at least a bit of an idea of what I want to learn  for the next couple of months, so I won't get too distracted by the many awesome things to learn here at CG Cookie, to stay on track with my short term goals 😊

    I'm posting it here to keep myself accountable, and so I don't chicken out at the last moment 😛

    First, let me tell you my longer term goals. In the next couple of years I want to build a broad basis and understanding of all fields (modeling, lighting, shading, animation, game dev), find out what I like the most. After that I want to choose a part to specialize in. That the idea for now at least 😎

    My learning plan until the next workshop:

    The last one scares me to bits. I will have to film myself (I'm usually BEHIND the camera not IN FRONT of it) doing all kinds of acting and weird bits (which I suck at), but I think waylow is right about it making you a better animator. So I'm stepping out of my comfort zone this Christmas and New Years!

    I won't withhold you the fun of watching me do this, so I will post the first one here in this thread (which is: acting silly), hope to give you guys a laugh 😉

    Guess I'm not the only one finding this a bit uncomfortable, almost nobody has participated in this course and no one has actually finished it.. guess I'll be the first 😀

    You guys can kick me in my virtual butt if I don't make good on my promise! 😜

    Off to get some work done 🚀