Which graphictablet is a good choice?

Hey guys,

I just kicked in on digital sculpting and I've heard a lot about graphictablets and that they are a great support for 3D-Development. So I think of getting one of those but I have no idea what is important at those gadgets. I saw some with additional buttons, different amount of pressurelevels (about 8000).
Maybe one of you could give me some hints or information about these.


  • the most important element (and why not to sculpt with a mouse) is pressure sensitivity/levels... all the rest is bells and whistles or icing on the cake...  the next thing to consider (and is optional) is whether putting the pen on the screen is helpful (because I draw and airbrush in the real world I found it very helpful) then something like a wacom cintiq might be in order... hope this helps

  • I bought a very inexpensive Monoprice one (US $80 I think) a while back. It took a day to get a correct driver, but it is working well for me in Blender and Photoshop. I am a beginner with a tablet so I didn't want to spend a lot of money.

  • I have an XP-PEN that cost about $50.  I love it.

  • Hey,

    thank you guys for your answers.
    Since I am a beginner I will go for a cheaper version, I found something at Amazon for 69,99€ that looks pretty good for the start I guess.
    Mark Smith mentioned that the pressure levels are really important. This one has 8192. Is that enough?

    If someone wants to have a look at it, it's called LANSRAYOL.