AeleaS Omer

How to get this texture style ?


I made a character by blender. I need to know how to make his texture looks like this one ?  Is there any tutorial or explanation for the steps ? I'm going to use this character on unity engine.

  • These look like pretty simple textures.  A solid color, high roughness (except on the small metallic bits and the viser), and a low strength, high radius for the ambient occlusion. The light blue just looks like a flat emission shader. Just choose your color palette and then assign different meshes until you get something you like. If you are making the material in Blender, the easiest would be to use selection masking and the fill brush in texture paint mode.  Then do the shiny parts as a separate material so you can bake out a roughness map. Play with the AO until you get something comparable and bake that out too.  I recommend this course for a more thorough breakdown:

  • pprocyonlotor. Thank you John for this information. You you showed me where to start. I will try to do some samples.