Ala Dhiabi

I would pay double for a Shader graph tutorial like this


I wonder if any of you here seen this amazing vfx shader breakdown link to instagram video (cause we can't embed video from it here) or this vertex sorcery

It would be really awesome to get some mini-shader tutorials/tips & tricks from Jonathan similar to the Blender ones we get from Grant.


  • crew

    Hah I'm glad you brought that up. Saw it on Reddit earlier today and always enjoy seeing them. Gif based tutorials like that are something I'd like to experiment with in the near future. They're very visually pleasing and display some great info in a easy to consume manner. So yes it is something I'm very much interested in doing myself. 

  • jgonzalez 


    but please don't make them exclusively "Gif " though, not only you'll waste more time trying to make them understandable (cause its mute) there is a big chance we (student) are gonna miss a lot of info, a ~5 minutes commented video though would be great, no need to make a full effect like the ones we're talking about.

    for example, you can just make a video on how to do a sine wave with shader graph, another on how to add gradient color and texture, and another one on how to do the Intersections effect (still can't find anything about that in Shader graph), each of these can be its own very short video, and it will be up to us to put all these knowledge together.