Samuel Bouillon

bevel artifacts

    I am finding that when I use the bevel (cont. * b),  that artifacts appear, I search for a possible reason, an then I can not find it. Can anyone direct me what may be causing.  Its funny because I have not had these bevel problems then I cannot make a bevel without the artifacts. 

  • Screenshot not upload. 

  • crew

    sammsamm Could you upload it as a .jpg or .png? I'm not sure what a .MHT file even is🤔 You can do so right in the text editor here as a reply. 

  • This is actually pretty common, whether you're using the modifier or the edit mode tool. It happens where verts are so close that the bevel causes the result to overlap. (You get the same thing at times with the solidify modifier.) You have 2 choices... deal with it or try to clean it up manually. cleaning manually isn't as hard as it sounds.. It's just a matter of  uncrossing" where they crossed. While it's not hard, it is tedious., and not much way around doing the clean up work.

    (Incidentally, this same phenomena is why you get the weird artifacts and errors when beveling certain fonts, particularly serif fonts, in the text menu.... the overlapping causes things to incorrectly "disappear", which is confusing the curves.)

    Not edges will cause the errors on the beveling, but if there's a lot in a small area, you'll have a higher chance of these errors happening.