Michael Richards

BC4-1810 Homework, Michael Richards

Toy Truck, HRDI plus 3 lights (the original 3, but moved them around a lot and changed their strengths, mostly just to support the HDRI), simple principled shader plastics, didn't get around to adding smudges or scratches or anything. Wished I could get deeper shadows inside the cabin and crevices than I have.

HDRI used was Blinds from HDRI Haven.

Only had time to do the day interior bedroom shot. Outside sun, portal in the window, plane with white emission light outside window, and an area lamp off camera to provide fill light. Probably a little too much light overall. And probably could have done it without 3 lamps somehow.

  • crew

    Looking good with the toy truck mmendenbarr! My only note is that there's a consistent red hue to everything. I can see that it's part of the HDRI itself..maybe it's just my taste. The red hue gives a distinct hot feel to the image; as if I'm wearing red-tinted glasses. Anyway I think I'm getting into subjectivity. Hopefully gives you something to chew on.

  • I agree with Kent's ccritique; feels hot.  But the plastic shader is solid.  Good work.

  • theluthier Thanks for the feedback. In retrospect I agree, too much red. Sounds like it might be a good idea in future to not take HDRIs as is, but play with saturation levels (as well as brightness, which I usually do), to get a better look. Will incorporate this into my workflow. 

  • silentheart00 Thanks for your opinion.  And I like your solid purple and yellow truck, the colors seem much sharper than mine, very bold. Looks great.

  • mmendenbarr Thanks!

  • Apologies, 6 days late for week 2 homework. Struggling with 2.8 and Eevee. I literally had all the lights above my car illuminating the bottom of the car, and all the lights at the front illuminating the back of the car. Had to select all the lights and rotate them to be under and behind so they would show up in approximately the right position. Did anyone else see that bug? Maybe just the particular version I was using (from Oct 11). Cannot get good looking shadows either. Tried bumping up the ambient occlusion, but only helped a bit.

  • mmendenbarr Not sure what was causing the problems with the lighting without seeing the file.

    As for the shadows, In Eevee, you want to make sure that ambient occlusion is turned on and that you have shadows AND contact shadows turned on for your lamps.

  • crew

    mmendenbarr No worries on being late. I'm proving to be late with grades myself. I like your car paint material, really all your materials, and the floor texture with subtle reflection. My biggest critique is the lack of contact shadows, which I think you're aware of too. Sounds like Eevee is giving you trouble but AO should be the solution based on my experience. Still it's a solid effort: B+ in my book. 

    Switch back to Cycles for week 3's homework and that should go better.