Ahmed Chehab el Dine

BC4-1810 Homework, AhmedC

Hello, these are my bedroom lighting images:

Day scene:

Night scene:

Didn't know how to simply increase blooming although I switched the color management to default preset instead of filmic.

link to exercise submission: https://cgcookie.com/exercise/lighting-a-simple-bedroom/exercise_submissions/16593

For the toy truck I already did the exercise, but turns out that I forgot to use the fresnel  node so here's the updated version:

link to exercise submission: https://cgcookie.com/exercise_submissions/16316

  • ahmedc Interesting texturing and lighting on the goblin and you nailed the color match, Ahmed! great job!

  • gradyp Thanks Grady, appreciate your feedback. For the goblin I tried to incorporate a story telling element, for example the texture in the eyes is the same as the texture for the candy meaning that maybe the goblin has corrupted eyes that don't see anything but candy :) . May I ask if this illustration did read like what I meant? Thanks.

  • ahmedc I didn't pay attention to it before, but yes, I can see that :D 

  • crew

    ahmedc Really nice work this week. Such an interesting take on the goblin character. Love the crisp shadow in the background, the sharp rim light, as well as the story-telling angle you've injected.

    You mentioned that you were trying to convey the goblin only has eyes for the candy, given that they're sharing the same material. First, 2 thumbs up for trying that approach! I'm a big proponent of inject story into any and all renders. That immediately makes this one of the more memorable renders.

    However while I did notice the candy and the eyes sharing the material initially, I did not deduce that message. I think because the material doesn't seem to convey anything about candy specifically. However if the candy corn was textured like real candy corn and then the eyes shared that material, I think the message would be stronger.

    Still, awesome job! It's an A from me.

    Your light match is super close as well. My only note is that I would recommend the bluish/white rim light to extend further around the top of the head, as suggested by the top of the headphones in the source. That's a super minor note though. It's another A from me.

  • theluthier Thanks Kent for the wonderful review. I loved the example you gave last week about what seems to be a Greek philosopher with a digital ring of light around his head. So I tried to incorporate a similar element into the goblin render. But it feels like there is something missing, and, as you said, the message isn't strong enough.

  • ahmedc Your lighting match is pretty close, good job!

    The goblin is fun, but there's a lot of green.  Maybe if the pants were darker and less saturated it would help to break things up a touch.  Or a different skin color to help separate out the eye and candy shader.  I agree with the other critiques.  Good work.

  • silentheart00 Thanks Silent for your feedback! I think you are right about the green, the eyes and candy do not pop out. I'm not sure if limiting the color palette is always a good thing or maybe playing with saturation will do the trick, so many options to choose from.

  • crew

    ahmedc I'm glad to hear that example clicked. To your credit I had the same reaction to your image: "Interesting - now why are the eyes and candy sharing the same material?"

    Good stuff 👍