Omar Domenech

BC4-1810 Homework, Omar Domenech

Hello there. These are my homework's for the first week. 

Link for the Toy Truck Submission:

And then there's the bedroom which I tried to get all crazy and experimental. 

Link for the Bedroom:

  • Omar, what's up!  Cool to see you participate!  The sticker on the truck ins't that readable at that size, so something to think about.  That day scene has really intense light coming through the window, but everything else is nicely lit. 

    The night scene is a little creepy for some reason.  Maybe it's the shadow of a person entering the room.  It's also nicely lit, maybe more of a city kind of vibe with the red light coming through the window.  Maybe a little dark on some areas, but it kind of works.  Good work.

  • silentheart00 The night scene was going for a kinda creepy theme, with the outside light sort of hinting a low life motel with a neon sign or something, in contrast with this angelical whitey room day. The power of lighting.  

  • dostovel Ah, that makes sense.  I think you accomplished that.

  • One of these days dostovel you'll make something not amazing. Not today though, not today. I get what silentheart00 is saying about the text but I personally don't think it's much of an issue, though if you decided to change it maybe put it on the bed/skip/whateveritsactuallycalled instead? Love the nighttime lighting as well, I wanna play some synthwave as I look at it.

  • crew

    dostovel I said NO FLEXING! 😛 That's just my way of saying "great work!" Definitely one of the more unique takes on both exercises.

    "Boy you gotta carry that weight a long time"

    What is that from..a song I'm 99% sure. Quite the appropriate easter egg. The yellow color scheme is good too. Classic construction aesthetic. Funny how infrequently I see all yellow, grey, and black for this submission. Kudos too that you have one of the more controlled glossiness values for you plastics 👌

    The volumetrics in the daytime scene is heavenly. Kinda monochromatic but I know it's intentional from you. Almost like a black and white movie. 

    Your night scene has a distinct creepy vibe. That subtle shadow of a figure in the doorway...Good stuff dude. Easy A in my book.

  • theluthier Thanks Kent, also Aaron and SilentHeart. Both entries have The Beatles songs Easter eggs in them. I mean, imagine if Paul McCartney browses CG Cookie, you never know. 

  • dostovel Omar that truck looks brilliant, it is so clearly perfect plastic and still real. 

    Also thanks for that you decided joining again to the class, so we can learn from you

  • dostovel Man, that truck of yours looks really really good, so realistic! What's your secret?

    Love your lighting exercises too 😊

  • Thanks for the good feedback. 

    csehz Yes, sorry I can't join more often, time is always the problem. I work 8-5 job and then have freelance work to do in my free time. I'll do my best trying to keep up with the homework assignments.

    smurfmier1985  My theory is that lighting and color grading are key when it comes to achieving realism. Have never been able to perfectly understand that though. But it also has to build up to that moment, because in order for the light to interact good, you need good shading or material creation, and you need a good modeled model that has no surface wobble with good UV's. 

    I learned everything I know watching theluthier tutorials and others at CG Cookie, boy what I would have given for direct access to the teachers when I was starting up, this live streams are a perfect way to consolidate everything you've learned from watching the recorded tutorials. Like the delicious dessert after you have eaten your vegetables.     

  • dostovel Thank you for explaining the process! I'll keep those pointers in mind. 

    theluthier and jlampel are great teachers, they explain modeling/shading/etc. really well, I like their courses so I don't mind doing them all to learn more about the pointers you mentioned 😎 

    And I agree that these livestreams / classes are like desert (or delicious cookies). I experienced that in the previous class, applying the knowledge from the courses on your own work and getting feedback made me learn so much faster.

    I'll just keep going then, thanks again 😊

  • dostovel damn that is some nice work. How did you created the sun beam effects. not sure if sun beams is a correct word so let me know if you don't understand my question.

    That night scene sure gives a creepy vibe nice work. I also like how you did the toy love the text on it xd

  • yyukinoh1989 Thanks. There is a node in Compositing that is called Sun Beams. It's a nice post production effect that can give you those rays from the window, plus you can save a lot of render time since with volumetrics is costly in that way. 

  • crew

    Like the delicious dessert after you have eaten your vegetables.

    Haha you're a metaphor magician. Love that 🍨

  • Good work with the exercises Omar. The night scene really gives a feeling of a motel room.

  • dostovel Those are fantastic looking exercises, Omar, well done. :-) I especially like the truck - one of the best I've seen so far. 

    I'm glad you mentioned the Sun Beams node. I've tried to play with it before, but I could never get it to work. Would you mind sharing your node setup?

  • I love the truck. The colors are great. Kinda minimalistic in a sense. Looks great. Have to agree with Silentheart. I count read the text on the truck either.

    The bedrooms is great to. Love the text in the picture frame.

  • sshiennar Sure Kat. Right click it to view in new tab and make the image larger. 

  • dostovel Thank you very much! I tried to replicate it in my project, but for some reason, my alpha channel is completely white. I poked around a bit and in the end I was able to get the window mask from the Mist pass. Maybe not the best way of doing that, but I definitely learned something new. :-)

  • Homework Week 2:

    Lighting Match: 

    I had done several before, I hope it's ok I take one of those.

    Lighting the car:

    Fairly simple scene. No other lights, just HDRI lit.

    World nodes:

    Car material is simple enough.

    And then a bit of compositing and color correcting to integrate the render in a backplate.

    Raw render before compositing:

    And then here's a bit of experimenting I did with the lighting before deciding on one. 

  • dostovel And he does it again! Super nice car, love the wear and tear 😄 Very realistic!

    Great light match too 😬

    Just wondering though.. You said you only used HDRI lighting for the car, as far as I know EEVEE doesn't cast shadows when using HDRI you have to add a lamp for that, but I clearly see a big shadow in your image.. have you rendered this with EEVEE? Or is this Cycles?

    If it is EEVEE, I was wondering how you managed to get the shadows? Would love to know 😊