BC4-1810 Homework, Cthulusan

My homework thread for October 2018  Lighting class.

  • My toy truck.  Tried adding some dust to it.  Combination of gradient, noise, voronoi and dot product.  Probably not the most efficient way to do it but was trying to resist googling for help.   Original submission: https://cgcookie.com/exercise/shading-a-toy-truck/exercise_submissions/16539

  • My bedroom scene.  My wife, looking over my shoulder asked, "When did you take that?"  "Um, it's a 3D render, not a photo." "Oh" I guess it was convincing enough.  Original submission https://cgcookie.com/exercise/lighting-a-simple-bedroom/exercise_submissions/16571

  • ccthulusan Truck shaders are good.  I like the dust effect.  It works well on the wheels, maybe a little less successful on the rest, but good attempt.  Day and night look good.  Not much to critique there.  Good work.

  • silentheart00 Thanks for the feedback.  I took another shot at aging the truck.   Tweaked the dust, added scratches.  Can't seem to get the pointiness to work reliably to get the edges.  Not sure if I'm missing something.  I'm not always sure why the nodes are doing what they do but it's fun to experiment.  

  • crew

    My wife, looking over my shoulder asked, "When did you take that?"  "Um, it's a 3D render, not a photo." "Oh" I guess it was convincing enough.

    I'm not sure better feedback is even possible! All of your renders are really nice this week. Both day night read realistic and appealing. No criticism there.

    Your toy truck is top-notch. The dust and scratches are fantastic effects. Awesome job. A+ from me this week.

  • ccthulusan Love your truck. Very convincing! 👍👍

  • ccthulusan Nice.  Those scratches really help make it feel used.

  • Car shots for week 2.   Working in 2.8 is a challenge.  Aside from the different UI I ended up running into a lot of oddities.   Mirror modifiers that refused to render.  Scales that wouldn't apply.  Waiting for minutes for an undo command to...undo.  Crashes galore. But it is pretty awesome.  View port is very responsive and looks fantastic.  Can't wait till this is ready for prime time.  

    Here's shots of my car.  Wasn't sure how many to include so I added a day-time, night-time and interior render. 

  • And my lighting match exercise.  I've admired this shot from Blade Runner for ever so thought I would try and match it.  Super challenging.  I could never get the eyes to render properly.  I assume I would need to rework the geometry for those but kind of clueless there. 

  • ccthulusan Nice car, good job. But that light match, that's spot on! Very well done 😄👍🏻

  • Updated lighting image.  Wanted to try it with a slightly more realistic skin texture.  BTW, this model and texture is the Retro Alien by DGordillo on blendswap.   

  • ccthulusan Very nice, you nailed the lighting match:)

  • ccthulusan LM is very good :) nice one :)

  • ccthulusan Nice car.  Lighting match is a good start, but it looks like in the original there's a general light lighting the whole of the scene and then a very harsh rim light lighting the face and then a very small amount of fill on the right so the shadows aren't so harsh.  I could be wrong though, but I think that's what's happening in the scene.  You've got the spirit of it, if not an exact match.  Good work.

  • silentheart00 thanks for the critique.  That fill light on the right has me flummoxed.  I seems like bounce light but the ear and her shoulder make it seem like a rim light from behind.  Maybe it’s both.

  • ccthulusan I love how you textured the dashboard, that's a lovely touch!

  • One last shot at matching.  Brightened the world light and added not one but two lights to add fill light on the right with just a touch of added rim light.

  • crew
    ccthulusan Fantastic work on the Eevee vehicle this week - it was among my faves. You really seem to have put a lot of effort into it and it shows. Most detailed interior I've seen. A+

    Cool progression with your light match too. You're really close and I like the detail you put into your character's face over time. My only note is that the visible light in the background is brighter (whiter) and not defocused / blurred like the source. Small note and it's not the focus of the image. But still :)

    A for the week overall 👍

  • theluthier Thanks Kent.  I had a lot fun with the car and I learned a ton.   Eevee was both fun and frustrating to work with.  Can't wait to see it stabilize.    I had to stop myself from continuing to tweak details.  

    The lighting exercise was challenging but very educational.  That background light is actually pure white which is off from the warmer color in the original.  Unfortunately, warming it up would also warm up the background wall (the blue behind it) and it would turn green.  I should have modeled the background more like a window which is what I think it is in reality.  Enjoying the class.  Wish I could make the livestreams but work gets in the way.  Recordings are good though.