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Epic Pumpkin Contest - Discussion

Hey everyone! 

When CG Cookie first started we loved to host Pumpkin and Snowman contests. It was cool to see what everyone created with these given constraints. Of course using Blender was a pretty rad thing as well.

My favorite was the nod to the movie Aliens done in a pumpkin render. If somebody could find this, it would be cool to see again!

I missed them so much, this year we've decided to revisit the past, with the launch of our brand new Epic Pumpkin Contest! 

While nearly all the information and activity takes place on the Contest itself, I thought it would be beneficial to have an area for questions and general OMG this is amazing type comments. Plus we're a tad rusty on hosting contests. 🧐

In all seriousness, this is one of favorites and excited to see what you come up with this year. We've got a ton of awesome awards lined up for you and even some random chances to win by simply sharing your work on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #MyCookiePumpkin 

Best of luck and thanks for being a part of the Cookie! 

Contest Page:

Starts: Friday OCT 5th

  • Oh wow this is cool!! Gotta find some time between class homework to join in 😬

    You should pin this thread to the top so it doesn't get lost between all the homework threads 😉

  • Wow, count me in :)

  • Woah, cool!

  • Woooo gonna no life Blender again, lets see what we can do. I do have a few questions though.

    1. Seeing as this is meant to be made entirely by us in Blender only are we not allowed to use textures from places such as Poliigon or TextureHaven? Or must we make our own?

    2. It's said that you can use Photoshop or something similar to make minor edits. To further this point, are we allowed to use the Blender compositor more extensively, adding things such a vignettes and distortions, or must that be held to the same standard?

    3. Just to be sure, posting my entry here would be considered valid, yes?

    With that said this is gonna be one hell of a busy month, and I wish you all the best of luck! Let the games... BEGIN.

  • Whew, what a heavy art month!  Maybe I'll give this a whirl...

  • I might join. still am new and with class i might be a bit too bussy but i sure would like to give it a try . i doubt i win but then again it might be a nice experience and the way i think about it now , it might be good too maybe for a last render in class to show :) shading and lightning the pumpking will be challenging but fun :D

  • crew

    thecabbagedetective  Great questions! 

    1. Textures are OK to be from places such as Poliigon, TextureHaven or Game Textures. The more you create however, the more bragging rights you have to all of your cookie friends. 😎

    2. That sounds rad, and it's Blender. A big thumbs up! 👍'

    3. Once the contest starts (tonight at midnight or just before I turn in for the night). I will launch it, and there will be a "Submit Entry" button on the contest page. This is where your entry must be submitted to be considered. You're welcome to share your entry here, it's own thread, instagram or gallery to show off the work in progress, or keep it a secret and drop the mic at the end of the contest.

    Hope this helps, and look forward to what you create! 

  • wesburke Awesome, thanks for the response! Certainly gonna be keeping busy now.

  • wesburke Hi Wes, is it okay to use Blender 2.8 Alpha and to render it with Eevee, or do we have to stick to 2.79 and Cycles?

  • Or even... (dare we hope...) the expected Beta at the end of the month? :D

  • crew

    smurfmier1985 - Eevee it up! 

  • It's going to be hard for me to both participate in  the class and the competition, so I might not join.  I'll try, though.

  • williamatics Not at all, William.. just think.. you can work on modeling your pumpkin the first few weeks and use your pumpkin as a part of your lighting and shading exercises later in the month :D (Or at least... that's one way to handle both :D )

  • Does the final piece have to be a still render? or can it be an animation/sketchfab scene?
  • wesburke 

    The use of external software for modeling, rendering or VFX is not permitted.

    Textures are OK to be from places such as Poliigon, TextureHaven or Game Textures.  

    Summing up this two statements I believe we can use external software to create textures, isn't it? Some of the Poliigon textures are definitely done with Substance Designer.

  • crew

    codywinch Hey Cody, for this contest lets keep it as a still render for the final submission, of course you're welcome to still rock out a SketchFab scene. :) 

  • crew

    nekronavt Sure that is cool, the spirit of the contest is to use as much of Blender as we can, with the understanding some things such as textures will be created outside of it.

    Another exception may be. E.g we just released this 3D PhotoScan Pumpkin Course: While you're technically generating a pumpkin from a scan there is a lot of work to do in Blender there-after. The cool thing would be is you picked out a pumpkin, did the heavy lifting and you still must take it into Blender to retopo, bake normals, apply textures, carve, etc.  👍

  • wesburke cool, thanks :)

  • wesburke just an observation, the first entry of the contest is called 'entry 103', is a bit strange.. guess he also counts the entries of the previous 2D contest?

  • wesburke question what is bake normals and carve? Can we also use inspiration from internet or is that not allowed?