yukino hatake

BC4-1810 - Homework, Yukino Hatake

My homework thread for the  October 2018 Class.

bathroom week 4

Week 1

Toy Truck New look (freshly buyed )

Toy Truck dirty + old

i did have changed like in the wheel and some slight collor diffrence but i lost the first file somehow .

File Of toy truck finished state
toy truck finished

What i learned 
-learned how to use HDRI. change intensity , rotate the world.
-learned about the diffrent kind of lamps(point lamp, sun, etc and when to use them best .
-learned about the intensity how to increase size and how this effects the scene. and how to change the collors to the lamps.
-learned how to render with higher result . (more samples) and noticed that filmic and default settings give difrent light effects.
-learned how to add collors and how to connect diffrent nodes with each other(still dont know much about nodes what and when to use or how to organize them but i am still practicing :) )
-Learned how to make someting more plastic or more metalic
-learned how to make brushed metal
-learned how to add scratches dirt and dust (trough i still wonder why some spaces arent covered with dirt (like in the yellow its good visible where there is and not )

So overall this week was so fun . difficult but then again everyting new at first is kinda difficult .
The most important thing is i learned so much and that while having fun with it .

WEEK 2 Homework 

car shading and lighting 

late afternoon /evening when the sun is going under

At full night with lamps to showcase the model

Lightning match


Week 3

Lightning match
goal (the goblin itself