Miranda van Elst

BC4-1810 Homework, Miranda van Elst

  • Damn, someone's eager haha. Looking forward to what you'll have in store for us.

  • thecabbagedetective Yeah I've been looking forward to this one! 😃

    Don't expect any miracles though.. have been sick the past couple of weeks and still am.. expect to be okay somewhere next week but I can't do any work before that (can't watch at a screen longer than 15 mins at the moment). Thank goodness my homework for week 1 is already done because I did those some time ago! 

    In any case this class I have to take it a lot easier than the previous class, doctors orders, so I won't be able to do as much as I would like... still gonna do my best within the time I do get of course!! 

    Looking forward to what you are going to make also, I know you like to experiment with light so it should be fun 😄

  • smurfmier1985 

    Beterschap! Get well soon! You're not sick because of working to hard on CG stuff, are you? Sure hope you're not.

  • ccarrotnl Dankjewel, thanks Wilco! 😊

    Well, not exactly, I think my busy job and also me myself is to blame.. got a temporary balance disturbance, so I keep falling over and am dizzy / nauseous all day, takes a couple of weeks to clear up. Gets better every day though!! 😄

    But the doctor says the probable thing that caused it is neck pain due to stress, a warning sign so to speak, so that's why I have to take it slow the next couple of weeks and change my pace and habits afterwards..

    So that's what I'm doing now, watching a looottt of Netflix and napping all the time 😛

  • smurfmier1985 Man, that's hard. I feel sorry for you. The wife off my employer had kind of the same problem couple of years ago, so I have an idea of what your going through. I hope it doesn't take to long for you to get over it. And hey, Netflix is a nice way to spend the day. 😉 Have you seen 'Next Gen'? It's made with Blender, you now? But it's maybe a bit fast passed if your dizzy/nauseous.

    But take it easy, getting well is most important. 😴📺📈

  • ccarrotnl It's on my watch list! Thanks for the tip 😊 I'll take it easy, but I'm a couple of weeks in now so it's getting much better, think and hope I will be pretty okay somewhere in the beginning of next week, so I can handle a faster animation movie by now 😃

  • smurfmier1985 Glad to hear you're taking a rest, it seems everyone is becoming ill recently. Fortunately this class doesn't seem as taxing as the previous one so it should be easy to not concentrate as much come tomorrow and beyond. Get well soon!

    PS. Seeing as you're taking it easy if you need any game recommendations I got you covered, just ask.

  • thecabbagedetective thanks Aaron! I read you were sick too, glad you are feeling better 😊

    PS started playing Persona 5 last weekend, it's AWESOME!!


    Plus it took me like 110 hours just to beat the bloody thing so you'll certainly get your moneys worth.

  • WIP - Grimy and scratchy plastic material

    Time to start the WIP fun! 😁 never shaded before so I'm going nuts with my truck to get my feet wet.

    For my truck I want to make it look like its been played with A LOT. Dirty, scratchy. So I've folowed this tutorial on YouTube made by jlampel to learn how to make procedural grunge. I highly reccomend this video if you're a beginner and don't know how to tackle this, it also explaines why you use something and what it does precisely, so it's a really great learning experience! (would love to see something like this in shader forge, a multiple use wear and tear ultimate shader with a lot of different sorts of wear and tear, hint wink nudge 😉)

    Using this I've managed to make a plastic material with the grime and scratches, but I changed the diffuse/glossy shaders to the principled shader (since I wanted to do it the new way right of the bat), and I added procedural bump to each component in an attempt to make it look more realistic.

    So, how does it look? Any feedback, advice, tips & tricks are HIGHLY appreciated!

    Now I'm going to adjust the placement of the material for each component so it fits better, and change some colors. Also going to add HDRI lighting, change the floor (to practice with using textures) and put a sticker on the truck in the way ccarrotnl has showed, since that's looking mighty cool! also want to try to grunge up the sticker to make it fit better with the rest of the truck dunno yet how I'm going to tackle that. 

    So lots of fun and challenging things to do still! 😃

    Here's the screenshot of my plastic material. Since it's a screenshot it's a bit noisy hope you don't mind, rendering with cycles goes very slow and is extremely taxing for my laptop (he makes a lot of noise because he doesn't like it), so I want to do it as less as possible (I miss eevee 😢):

  • smurfmier1985 I think, your material is a very good start. I have spent half my day researching methods to make procedural scratches and imperfections, so I feel you.
    Looking at the reference photo I think your scratches are looking very good, but are standing out too much for a material like plastic. I would recommend to tune it down a little bit and aim for a more subtle effect. And for more variance in your scratches, I have found this guy on YouTube today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBpu9MM1js0
    He presents 4 different ways to generate scratches and I think you could mix some of them together to make it more believable.

    Your dirt looks very good. Have you thought of fingerprints and smudges to make it look even more used?

    Looking forward to see your results!

    Edit: (Because it just hit me) I think dirty parts of your material wouldn't reflect light as good as plastic, so you might want to adjust that as well.

  • crew

    smurfmier1985 Nice one! You might already be doing this, but one big change since then is that AO is a new Input node, so you can use that in addition to the pointiness value to drive the grime and scratches, instead of just pointiness which has a lot of limitations. Also for plastic you may want to make the scratches longer since it's a softer material. Here's a good reference (though on yours the scratches would be bump only): https://www.textures.com/download/substance0077/129494

  • bun-bun thanks for the great feedback bun-bun!

    Now you mention it the scratches do stand out fairly much. Changing the color should fix that pretty easily I think. As for variation, it's a very flexible material with many layers so I think I can create more variation by playing with the scales etc. of those.h

    I have thought of fingerprints and smudges etc. but I've decided against them for this project. First time shading so I don't want to make it too complicated in my first attempt, so I will save those for another time (maybe week 2 on the car?).

    Every color/element has its own roughness, the plastic is very shiny, and the dirt is very rough, so that's already taken care of 😊

    Thank again for your help! 😄

  • jlampel Thanks Jonathan! I was not doing the AO node yet so thanks for the tip, will build that in. Also thanks for the great reference for the scratches, gonna play around to make them longer. 😊

  • smurfmier1985 Looks good so far and with the feedback I'm sure you'll make it better!

  • silentheart00 thanks Silent 😊 

  • WIP - Grimy and scratchy plastic material (part 2)

    All right, I applied all the feedbak I got to my material (thanks again guys!)

    • Change color of the scratches to make them stand out less for a more subtle effect.
    • Create more variation in the scratches.
    • Adding AO node in addition to the pointiness value to drive the grime and scratches.
    • Making the scratches longer so it's more of a plastic like scratch (while taking in account that the truck is very small so they can't be too big).

    Screenshots of the material, and also of my node setup for whoever is interested or wants learn from it. And as always feedback is very welcome 😊

    Also made some close-ups because the total node tree is a bit small to read 😛:

  • smurfmier1985 that's the nodes! You'll love substance designer I think 😀👍

    For me, it now feels more like painted wood than plastic, but it's looking cool. Maybe some subsurface scattering can be used to give it more plastic feel?

  • nekronavt Thanks Pavel! And thats for the feedback too, gonna grab some lunch first and after I will experiment with the SSS 😊

  • smurfmier1985 Wow, so many nodes! Btw I like what you doing.