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I've finally decided to create my polybook to keep track of my progress. 

Starting of with my newest stuff, which was made after I watched Kent Trammell's latest tutorial on gestural sculpting in Blender. I wanted to post them as an exercise submission, but they were nowhere near the 30 minutes time limit. So hopefully I will get faster and more precise with each new one.

  • Here's a shield I made by following Kent's tutorial to get more comfortable with Blender 2.8. I had some problems with rendering it with Cycles though (but it worked with EEVEE) - I couldn't apply in any way the lattice modifier to those curves. Maybe it's Blender's fault, maybe it's mine, who knows, so I have just taken a screenshot of the viewport. 

  • And yet another project which was made by watching a tutorial, thus I don't want to post it to Gallery. This was made thanks to Andrew Price and his tutorial series on modelling an anvil. I remember I tried it once, but for some reason gave up on it. Thankfully this time I was fully aware of what I was doing, so it didn't take me that long to finish but, but I felt like I really needed to do this tutorial, because it covered everything from start to finish and I think now feel more confident with texturing and the whole concept of baking.

  • Here are some of my recent sculpts. I'm trying to go for more stylized look most of the times, but I am aware of how important anatomy is.

    This one I really dislike, I tried it while following Kent's female face sculpting course and failed miserably, I'll have to do it couple of times more to nail it, female faces are indeed much harder.

    And this fella here was supposed to be a nose sculpting exercise only, but then it turned into Thanos I guess...

    And a 1 hour sculpt for some practice.

  • bbrzostek hey really nice work. I love that stylized guy he looks cool. Great work

  • Since it's Sculpt January I decided to make something, although I don't know if I will keep up. This bust is a fan art of Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid (so it's theoretically day 11, which was Attribute: Liquid). I still need to work on anatomy, but at least it doesn't fall into alien-gorilla spectrum.

  • bbrzostek Damn you've come a long way in just a couple months! I gotta say the first bust is my favorite but that's probably due to me having a soft spot for stylized characters. Unfortunately I can't offer very indepth or even accurate critiques because my understanding of anatomy is very limited, but I'm certainly looking forward to whatever you do next!

  • bbrzostek Hey, well, at least you did something.  The anatomy is definitely better than the last post, so good job on whatever work you did in the interim.

  • thecabbagedetective Thanks. I'm not really as excited about creating realistic sculpts as I am for making stylized characters in the future, but I learned it that you can't go far without at least some knowledge of anatomy. And another thing - use reference images whenever you can

    silentheart00 I've been lately trying to draw, so I had to study reference images anyway. That's a great thing about learning sculpting and drawing - you still basically have to learn one thing (anatomy) to get better at both. I'll probably create my sketchbook on the forums soon.

  • bbrzostek Yes, 2D and 3D inform each other quite well, so it's a good habit to have.

  • Following the introduction to hard surface modelling course I made the plane:

    And also there's another sculpt and the lesson I learned from this one is to stop being such a perfectionist, because this took too much of my time where I could've just done couple more sculpts instead