Blender 2.8 Alpha 2's New 3D Manipulators - Workflow breaker?

Hi all,

Beforehand let me say this... I do think the new 3D manipulators in 2.8 Alpha 2 is a great step forward...


Is it just me or do you guys find it "not inconvenient" to be locked in a no add/subtract to your selection mode when using GRAB (Spacebar, G) mode in edit mode... lots of modes!

Or maybe I am not aware how to do it.

I did find the CTRL option to lasso select... but I would think that shouldn't be the only way...

Makes me want the good old 3D manipulator back... which could be switched on and off with CTRL + Spacebar.

Like I said maybe I just can't find the "how too..." or has anyone heard of that to be changed in the future...?



  • Ok I assume it's just me then...?!

  • killzone hello.
    i am not sure if this is what you want but i do remember from class that if you dont like the buttons etc in 2.8 you can go here and take 2.7x and that would somehow make the shortcuts etc in the older style
    again i dont know for sure if this is what youre looking for. since i am new too i dont know anything about the previous version worked