William Miller

What software do you use besides Blender?

I'm just curious.

  • williamatics So far? Not much. Krita for some basic texturing stuff until I become more advanced with it and just started getting my training wheels on with Substance. Unrelated to 3D (kinda) I also dabble in Visual Studio for my very basic coding knowledge and Unreal for messing around with game stuff. Hopefully one day all of these things will come together and create something awesome.

  • Regularly I only use Blender and Substance Painter. I also got Substance Desginer recently and look into learning it as well. At the beginning of the year I got myself familiar with Unity and C# Basics, but I haven't opened it since February I guess. Sometimes I also use Photoshop (for some drawing exercises here for example) but never to edit any renders yet. 

  • Blender, substance designer, and clipstudio for drawing.

    Do most of them odeling in blender and some baking and materials on substance

  • crew

    I tend to have a handful or more software programs that I use for various purposes. Unity for game dev, Visual Studio Code for programming. I also have Blender and Substance Painter for modeling/animation/texturing. Photoshop is my go to 2D/Image editing program along with Premiere and Audition for video/audio editing.

  • jgonzalez I've never heard of Audition.  Before the only sound editor I knew of was Audacity (unless you count composition software such as Musescore and Finale Notepad).

  • crew

    williamatics At CGCookie we pretty much all use the same Adobe suite software. Previously I used Camtasia for video recording/editing and Audacity for audio cleanup. Audition is Adobe's audio editing program which works great with Premiere. 

  • For now it's just Blender and Substance Painter for modeling and texturing. And transfering myself from Photoshop to Krita for image editing stuff.

  • For 3D mostly Blender, and from time to time FreeCAD or meshlab for specific tasks. 2D wise it's gimp krita and inkscape I use the most. I havn't opened Unity for ages now.

    When coding in python I use PyCharm.

    Does Minecraft counts as modelling software ? 😁

  • Adobe CC Suite, Substance, Screencast-O-Matic for screencasts. SEO PowerSuite for SEO :)

  • Quite a lot actually.

    Maya for a lot of stuff (subD modeling, retopo, UVs etc). Zbrush for sculpting. Substance Painter for texturing, Marmostet Toolbag for baking out NRM and AO maps and rendering. Photoshop for customized texture passes and every now and then Keyshot for look dev and quick renders of a high poly model.

    + Unity for a lot of reasons.

  • Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Autodesk Sketchbook (it's free now), Unity.

    I tried Krita but I really don't like it. Feels very laggy. For me autodesk sketchbook is my fav or drawing and painting (even over photoshop) because it's such a clean interface and it's not a bloated software + it's free now. Just you and the canvas.

    I love Substance Painter and Designer but I'm still a beginner at them. Texturing is my weak point so I want to work on those. I hoping for more texturing tutorials in the future featuring painter and designer like the weapon texturing tutorial.

    Unity I've been using for years now, its like a part of me.

  • Of free open sources and free lites: Krita, MyPaint, Inkscape, Gimp, PaintNet, Daz Studio, Natron, LMMS, Opentoonz, Tupi 2D Magic, Hitfilm 4 Express, OBS, PureRef, etc. 

    Of paid & affordables: Artrage, Rebelle Watercolor, Affinity Designer, Moho Pro, Crazy Animator, etc. 

    I use many of above alongside Blender.