BC1-1808 Homework, Curious

  • thecabbagedetective Thanks Aaron I really appreciate that:)  I forgot how much fun sculpting can be!  It has been fun..and really liked you last scene with the robots...reminded me of this song  : D

  • ullreym Haha thanks Matthew some might say it is fauntastic ;P  Just kiddin glad you liked :)  I wouldn't be inspired to do much art without my family :D

  • ggolden-kitty Wow, you've been busy! Lots of great stuff here, lots of beautiful details, and making movies with your kids is just awesome! 😄😃

  • ggolden-kitty I have to say that you represent the Real Artist for me, your compositions are so original. 

    A kind of unique imagination, ability to create worlds and these overwrite any technical kind of skills as these own concepts are much more important in your head

  • crew

    ggolden-kitty I'm thoroughly impressed by the volume and quality of character's you've created this week. Please please PLEASE finish your short movies with your kiddo and share them with us and the world! A++ for the week 👏

    Are all these characters part of the same short movie project? They kinda look like 2 (or even 3) separate ideas(?)

  • csehz  Zsolt, I believe that are perception is based on our progression through this enlightened walk we call life.  This is what makes us a true artist :) A line can be a beautiful thing, but to some it will just look like plain boring line. To others it may appear just so slightly curved and delicate as if sketched by a soft wind. Seeing the potential from what was, what is and what could be from something as simple as a line...isn't that a true master piece? So, I must conjecture that you  Zsolt, are the true artist here as you see the curves in the lines:)  

  • theluthier It's a deal we"ll finish those movies and try to have as much fun as possible while doing it !! XD You are correct  some are separate ideas..and my characters have to be reworked for better chibi look ..those just don't cut it according to the director:D  So we will be exploring Chibi creation a bit more closely.  

  • Updated chibi so far :D