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BC1-1808 Homework, Wilco Wilbrink

My homework thread for the August 2018 Class.

Week 1-part1 - Homework submission - Modeling with primitives (1) - Birdhouse:  ( Page 1 -> Post 1 )

Week 1-part2 - Homework submission - Modeling with primitives (2) - Winter Scene: ( Page 2 -> Post 6 )

Week 2 - Homework submission - Pushing & Pulling Verts - Bat Phone: ( Page 3 -> Post 19 )

Week 3-part 1- Homework submission - Digital Clay  - Melvin & Primitives: ( Page 4 -> Post 9

Week 3-part2 - Homework submission - Digital Clay -  Head Sculpt + Turtle Munster ( Page 5 -> Post 17 )

Week 4 - Homework submission - Final Project ( Page 6 - Post 17 )

  • smurfmier1985 Thank you. I think it could have been a bit better if I had a bit more time, and a faster laptop. But this will have to do :)

  • ccarrotnl Love it!

    When doing my lighthouse, I too found that glass behaved better for me in Cycles than in Eevee.  Maybe that's because I just don't know how to make it properly in Eevee yet.  It's definitely something I need to spend some time on.

  • Yeah, looks good.

  • ccarrotnl Aha, thanks for sharing the nodes! I had a fairly similar setup but I guess altering the light paths really made the difference.

  • thecabbagedetective 

    Yeah, I had the same problem with the glass panel in the plane exercise. Back then I found this on google. Google can be a big help in these cases. 😃

  • crew

    ccarrotnl First, I love that you incorporated the phone cord exercise into a full-blown bat phone. Points there for sure. Coupled with a quality model + quality shading and lighitng...you'd gone and earned yourself an A+ 👏

    Kudos for the Eevee render as well. The glad turned out better than I expected.

  • theluthier I think there's a misunderstanding.  I didn't do a Eevee render. I wanted to, but I didn't have time for it. I still want to try it, but it won't be ready for class in time. The renders shown above are all in cycles.

  • crew

    ccarrotnl Oh ok yes, I misunderstood. Solid renders nonetheless! 👍

  • Week 3 - Home work Submission - Digital Clay

    - Melvin Sculpt Exercise -

    This is the Melvin Sculpt I did last June. I had a little practice before hand, so this was about my second or third sculpt.

    - Sculpting Primitives -

    Second is the sculpt with the Primitives Kent asked for in the stream. I did that exercise ones before, about a month ago. Back than it took me about 4 times the time it took me now.  The stream was really helpful. The most trouble I still had with the Flatten brush. I looks like it behaves different from what I see in the stream. For me Smoothing had the best effect. The cone was the hardest to achieve. Probably because I needed the Flatten brush with it so much. Here's a SketchFab version. And here's the blendfile.
    The render is in Eevee.

    I'm constantly wondering if I make the sculpts to dense. Maybe Kent or someone else could shed some light on that?

    Coming up next :

    - Head sculpt -

    - (Maybe  a Turtle Munster sculpt I'm working on for a while now) -

  • Good work.  There are some areas you can improve on Melvin, but I'm sure you're aware.  The primitives look good, too.  The sphere is a little longer in one direction than the other and the cone isn't quite circular around the base, but good effort.  I agree the cone was hard to do.  But hey!  On to the next thing.

  • ccarrotnl Damn fine primitives!

  • ccarrotnl those primitives look really good!

  • @swikniThank  @smurfmier1985 you very much!

    silentheart00 I agree with you on the cone. It 's a bit blocky at the bottom. The sphere is quite circular on my computer though. I noticed Sketchfab shows the objects a bit deformed. Maybe that's what you saw.  I orbited the sphere in blender, and it looks circular to me. 😃

  • I completely forgot to add the blendfile of the primitives, so I added it to the Homework Post now.

  • Here's my sculpting progress so far:

    I don;t have a mirror at the bungalow I'm at, but tomorrow evening I'm back home. Then I can use a mirror for the details.

    I don't think it resembles me much, but I like the sculpt so far. 😊 Any tips & tricks, or questions?

  • ccarrotnl Great start. Will be interesting if you can get it to a point where you can really recognise yourself in the image. 

    Overall it looks a lot more round than your head and it took me a while before I figured out what it was. It's the forehead. Your forehead, and pretty much everyone's, goes up more before back. In the model I think it goes back to quickly from the eyebrows. Pretty quick edit with the grab tool. Good luck with the rest of it :)

  • cptken Thank you for that tip. I'll have a look at it at my next sculpting session.  😊

  • ccarrotnl Yeah, that's possible that sketchfab distorts things.  I haven't had much issue myself, though.  Maybe I'll look at your file when I get the chance.

    I agree with Kenneth on the forehead.  Maybe the double chin is a little too extended?  It's hard to tell through the facial hair.  It also looks like your nose curves out instead of in, but hard to tell at this angle.  Keep going!

  • ccarrotnl wow, that's awesome already! And I can see some resemblance too. Looks a bit funny without ears though 😉 Looking forward to your next WIP 'cause I think this one will be reallllyyy good!

  • silentheart00 Thanks for the tips. I'll keep working on them.  When I'm working on a subject for a long time, I don't see such things very clear anymore. 😃 I especially like the double chin being smaller. Makes me feel less corpulent. 😜

    smurfmier1985 Thank you! Your so kind. Allways looking forward to your remarks. 😃