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BC1-1808 Homework, Wilco Wilbrink

My homework thread for the August 2018 Class.

Week 1-part1 - Homework submission - Modeling with primitives (1) - Birdhouse:  ( Page 1 -> Post 1 )

Week 1-part2 - Homework submission - Modeling with primitives (2) - Winter Scene: ( Page 2 -> Post 6 )

Week 2 - Homework submission - Pushing & Pulling Verts - Bat Phone: ( Page 3 -> Post 19 )

Week 3-part 1- Homework submission - Digital Clay  - Melvin & Primitives: ( Page 4 -> Post 9

Week 3-part2 - Homework submission - Digital Clay -  Head Sculpt + Turtle Munster ( Page 5 -> Post 17 )

Week 4 - Homework submission - Final Project ( Page 6 - Post 17 )

  • Dang, 2 renders? Someone went the extra mile, and both are great!

  • ccarrotnl cool scene. :)

  • thecabbagedetective louhikarme Thank you very much! 😃

  • crew

    ccarrotnl LOVE the new submission! A lot of style going on. I really like how nothing is straight (except for the logs in the home) - everything is off kilter or rounded. Very nice touch with the small bits of snow on the road; definitely helps sell the snow feel.

    You've earned yourself a couple ++'s for that A 👏

  • theluthier Thank you very much! I'm really glad you like it. Nice to know the work was not in vain. 😅

  • Man, it's been a busy week at work. I didn't have much time to work on this weeks assignment, ant tomorrow I'm going on vacation with the family. But I'm going to take my laptop/tablet and I'm gonna work on it as much as I can, if I get the time. I don't know if I will be able to finish it, but I'm gonna do the best I can, given the time.

    My idea for this week is a Bat Phone. The fist picture below is one of the reference pics I use. The second picture is where I'm at right now.

  • ccarrotnl Cool idea! Looks good so far, hope you get it finished. Have a nice vacation!! 😄

  • ccarrotnl Nice work!  Looking forward to the end result!

  • ccarrotnl Interesting idea and that is not so easy at all, the phone cord can be ideal to solve with modifiers

  • Fortunately I found quite enough time to work on my submission during my vacation. I have good internet in the bungalow park I'm staying at.

    Here's my progress so far. Just a little tweaking and maybe some texturing if I find the time. Or is that to much for this class?

    If you have questions or critiques, just let me know? 😃

  • ccarrotnl Awesome! I really like it. 😃May I ask how you made the cable? Curve and Screw modifier? And did you use a simple Glass BSDF for the dome? Looks great. I don't think texturing is too much, it's always nice to see some colors and materials but it's not a must-have for this week I guess. 

  • ccarrotnl Well that's looking gooooood. I too wonder if that's just a simple glass node, 'cause they always looks meh for me. Also texturing is fine as long as it isn't the focus of your render, so go for it!

  • looking very nice, a good job wit the materials there and thep hone cord

  • Commissioner Gordon’s Bat Phone looks amazing. Will you keep the theme going for the next assignments? Perhaps the special hidden switch to the Bat Cave? 

  • Nice work good shaders, too.

  • bbsdwerbeagentur thecabbagedetective 

    I forgot to mention last night: The scene is rendered in Cycles (as you probably have seen). I want to render the final images in Cycles, as well as Eevee. To me it still looks better in Cycles. Especially the glass I find hard to achieve in Eevee. If I just used a Glass BSDF node, the phone under the glass is very dark, 'cause it seems the glass doesn't pass the glass properly. I found the following node setup for that issue on google (I think it's still kind off wrong., still figuring out what to do with it):

    bbsdwerbeagentur: I made the phone cord following along with the week 2 live class video from last week. So it's a circle, using a Screw Modifier and Curve Modifier. I found the Curve Modifier to be quite buggy though. I had to start over the phone cord, because the first time the mesh wouldn't follow the curve, no matter what I did.

    Working on my Cintiq Companion 2  Tablet is quite a challenge (Intel iCore 5 processor, Intel Iris Video card). It's just a tad too slow, to my taste, for working with blender. Just setting the sliders  to another value can be a nightmare, because it's so slow, comparing to my computer at home. I just tinkered with some settings in the video card drivers. Let's hope that helped.

  • ccarrotnl that's looking great wilco!!! 😁 Thanks for sharing your node setup too 😊

  • ccarrotnl Yeah, Eevee is going to take some getting used to since it's made with different needs in mind, and 2.8 is still in alpha, so who knows what kind of improvements they'll make for release.  Besides that, looks good.

  • Week 2 - Home work Submission - Pushing and Pulling Vertices
    - The Bat Phone -

    theluthier :

    That's it! I'm out of time. I wanted to do a Eevee render too,  and there are still some triangles in there that I wanted to fix, but time flies by so quickly that I'm gonna leave it at this. I hope it's good enough:

    i composited the background in krita, sinds I couldn't figure out how to composite it in , in blender. 

    This is the blendfile if you want to have a look at it.

    - edit - I replaced the render with a new one, because i forgot to turn on the subsurf modifier on the phone and the horn. And I also added some proximity loops.

  • ccarrotnl I love the bright colors, looking really good Wilco! 😊