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BC1-1808 Homework, Nathan Garduno

Once created, each week before midnight reply to that thread as you would have in this main thread: "Week # Homework Submission" in bold at the top followed by a sentence or two about how your homework experience went / what you learned / any tips to share, and finally an image of your submission.

  • crew

    Welcome, Nathan! Thanks for creating your HW thread. I look forward to seeing what you create this month.

  • Week 1 Homework Submission 

    Well I have realized how tough it is to work in blender for 3-4 months, then have a break for that length, and to come back to the program on an updated version as well. I could feel and tell where I have lost some of my practice which was frustrating at times, but overall I am really happy to be practicing again!

    Week one I admittedly was working in Cycles until I realized we were supposed to be trying out the eevee render. This is a beginning scene from a story I wrote and ultimately I'd love to add more to make it feel more "lived in" but for this purpose of this exercise and the amount of time I have already spent on it I will submit as is:) I will also admit that everything is primitives except the light shaft. I tried over and over to not edit that part, but it wasn't falling the way I wanted it to.

    I think two questions I gained from this exercise is

    1. Is there a way to create light shafts with actual lighting tools? I just used a square and did an emissions with low strength in its volume.

    2. What is the flexibility for lighting like in Eevee? I don't really like the rough/hard "bubbly" look it has.



    Blender file downloadable here

  • nathangarduno Looks great Nathan! what a lovely room 😊

  • nathangarduno Wow, I am loving the mood in this render. Now whilst I have no idea for your second question considering I've barely tinkered around in Eevee I can say that - unless they've done something in 2.8 that I don't know about - there's no real "Light Shaft Button", volumetrics I believe are all we have.

  • nathangarduno Hello Nathan, in reaction on your second question, on this page you can find a lot of demo files for 2.8 (free for download), with all kinds of materials and lighting in eevee. Also realistic ones. So there's much possible I think 😊

  • What a nice little scene!  Can't help with the lighting stuff since I haven't played with it extensively.

  • wow amazing work this is nice . i love the lightning . good work too with the lamp love that too :D

  • Nice. The Cycles render has a very dreamy, soft feel to it. The Eevee Render is quite harsh, but hey, I don't know if I would do it any better. 😃 

    You could use the bloom setting in the render setting for Eevee to get it a little more dreamy, but I don't know if that's what your looking for.

  • nathangarduno Yes absolutely it is tough having longer break in Blender, then really hard to come back after a while, the best is starting the program everyday or at least thinking to Blender everyday :D

    Your scene has the atmosphere, I think even a monitor is shining there with the same mood like the full moon :-)

  • nathangarduno nice mood in the pics. cool stuff :)

  • crew

    nathangarduno Whew, the lighting in the Cycles render Beautiful; super appealing. These 2 images are a powerful example of what lighting can do to a scene. A+ in my book 👍

    As for Eevee - I know this may seem crazy - but Eevee has built-in volumetrics and glow. So you should be able to get a fairly similar result as Cycles.

    AND you're completely fine for using Cycles. For this class I just mean to encourage the use of Blender 2.8 for the sake of exploring the latest and greatest version of Blender. But I'm ultimately fine if you prefer to make use of Cycles. After all, Cycles is also part of 2.8.

  • theluthier I will definitely take a look into lighting for Eevee. Thanks for the feedback Kent!