BC1-1808 Homework, silentheart00

My homework thread for the  August 2018 Class

Week 1

Week 2 Submission

Because my head and eyes hurt, and I can't figure out how to save the bloody UV unwrap map, here's my submission.

I was in a dark place the beginning of last week, listening to depressing music, and this piece was on my list.  Every single lyric in that piece resonates with me so very deeply.  I didn't have the happiest or smoothest upbringing. but music and art have always been my refuge; it has always made me pull through despite what I'm feeling or thinking.  My go-to outlet has always been music and art, so with those feelings of last week I put in them front of you now despite some bumps with 2.8.  There are things I still want to add, things to tweak, but I can't work with a headache and eye strain right now.

Sorry if some details get lost; still figuring out the lighting situation in Eevee.

Week 3 Submission

I did this a while ago, and I think the decimate modifier left some funky geometry.  Oh well.

Melvin sculpt

Did the primitives.  The hardest is probably the cone.

Primitives sculpt

Extra Credit

No hair, but some piercings.  Not loving the ears, but I guess I should do some ear studies, then.  Not loving the eye work either, but practice will help.