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BC1-1808 Homework, Miranda van Elst

My homework thread for the  August 2018 Class.


Week 1 Homework Submission (Primitives Island & TIE Fighter)


Week 2 Livestream Practise (Pan & Phonecord)


Week 2 Homework Submission (Mesh Modeling Treasure Island)


Week 3 Homework Submission (Sculpting Melvin & Primitives & Jigglypuff)


Week 4 Gestural Sculpting (30 minute time limit)


Week 4 Homework Submission (WALL-E)

* More pics in my Homework Post


  • Once created, each week before midnight reply to that thread as you would have in this main thread: "Week # Homework Submission" in bold at the top followed by a sentence or two about how your homework experience went / what you learned / any tips to share, and finally an image of your submission.

  • Just making sure I don't loose the instructions 😉 

    I really look forward to seeing what everyone will come up with and learning from you all! Got a few things I struggle with (good topology, good / smart workflow, hard surface stuff, texturing, shading, etc.) so my goal for this class is to just do my best and hopefully getting some feedback on how to improve. Also I hope to help some of you by answering your questions if I can. We're all in this learning adventure together right? So let's have some fun guys and create some cool stuff 😄

  • crew

    Thanks for starting your homework thread, Miranda! This will be a huge help to me in keeping track of everything. I just hope it doesn't deter other participants from engaging with each other's threads.

    I look forward to seeing your homework in here 👊

  • theluthier I'm glad this is easier for you, I think this was a great idea 😊 Looking at the reactions on the first submissions I think the engaging part will be fine! Off to do some homework 🚀

  • Week 1 Homework Submission

    All right, time to send in some homework! I did the primitives exercise a few weeks ago and struggled a bit, so I wanted to make a new one for class to see if I could improve on the things I had difficulties with. Learned a lot about shaping primitives in object mode that I didn't knew before, especially with the properties panel that you get right after adding an object. Also about snapping which I didn't use well the first time.

    This is a screenshot of my first scene:

    Also the link to my exercise page.

    And here's a picture of the star wars tie fighter I made this time. I'm kind of a nerd so I had a blast making this one 😄 Totally misjudged the amount of work I was getting myself into! Thought I would finish in a day or two, boy was I wrong, it took me a full week (had a headstart last week).

    Also a link to my blend file to pick apart if you like. This is my first time using dropbox so let me know if the link doesn't work.

    If anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer them, so fire away 😉

  • smurfmier1985 

    really Nice work. you sure did improved. love the details . how did you made those grooves in the wings 

  • yyukinoh1989 Thanks Yukino! 😄 Those are small cylinders, snapped to the middle of the panels, so they're sticking out a bit on each side.

  • Very nice progression and nice work ! :) 
    Its impressive to imagine how many cylinders you added to make this wings :o

  • smurfmier1985 thats brilliant! the island could use maybe bit variation on the ground to make it more interesting composition wise.  loving the tie fighter (yes i'm a scifi geek to the bone :) )

  • galledark Thanks Yannis! Yeah, there we're A LOT of them 😅

  • louhikarme Thanks Kaj, I appreciate the feedback! (nice to see another geek like me 😜)

  • smurfmier1985  Well daaaaaaaaaamn someone went all out, didn't they? Excellent work, I don't think I need to say that the improvements are obvious, you've come a long way so far!

  • smurfmier1985 Wow, your progress is amazing! And that in only a few months. Are you sure you didn't have precious experience? Such details. And the composition is nice too.

  • thecabbagedetective Thanks a lot Aaron, very grateful for your kind words! 😄

  • ccarrotnl Thank you Wilco! I'm pretty sure I didn't have too much experience beforehand 😉 I did do the blender guru donut series first, tried his anvil series and failed because of difficulty, then I joined cg cookie. Happy I did learned a lot here!

  • Very nice!  Great improvement!

  • silentheart00 Thanks silentheart, I appreciate that!

  • crew

    THAT TIE FIGHTER....I had to open your .blend file to see if it all was actually made of primitives. It's true 😳

    I'm very impressed. What a huge leap from your first attempt to this one. A++ in my book based on quality and the extra mile of doing the exercise twice for this class. Fantastic job, smurfmier1985 👏

    So was the island your first model with Blender?

  • Miranda you gonna be a blender rock star by the end of this course XD!! Nice work: )

  • theluthier Wow, thanks Kent!! I really appreciate that 🙇 

    The first tutorial I followed was blender guru's donut series, about a week before I joined cg cookie. But the first model where I tried to make something myself was actually the mesh modeling exercise from the beginner learning flow, had a robot theme going on there 😎