Miranda van Elst

Topology problem

Hello everyone, could someone please help me figure this out? I've got 2 tris in my mesh that I can't get rid off... maybe I'm missing something but I tried a lot of options but nothing works. I don't want to mess up the clean topology in the surrounding areas, so I want to keep it within this section. Hope someone can help me, thanks for looking!

  • smurfmier1985  If you add a chamfer along the loop that start and end from and to the vertices you're pointing at that should create quads in place of the triangles. However this bevel will behave as holding edge and you might get some pinching when using the subsurf modifier.

    That's the first thing that comes to my mind (and I'm still rather sloppy with topology, so use this answer with caution :D )

  • tbrbn Hi Thibaut, thanks for your reply! When I use the bevel, I get this:

    Maybe because it's a 'flat' face next to it and not a corner? (it's slightly curved)

    This is a screenshot of the full backside to give you a better picture, I'm making a treasure chest:

  • I'd be tempted to reverse engineer back to the offending point, as it appears from that point (no pun intended) it looks like you extruded and scaled up a couple times. To that end separate out the 'handle' looking thingy as its own object so you don't lose it and then get rid of everything back the the offending points (which you've marked) and do you extrusions again. If the 'handle' really needs to be part of the same object, you'll be either turning it so the point connects to your object or if the loop on the other side of that point is continuous to the other side (depending on the rest of the object we don't see), delete that 'edge loop' and introduce two others in its place so your handle will connect as it did prior to the reverse engineering

  • Okay.... now that I see the full pic (lol) I'm guessing that was a hinge I was referring to. Are you trying to model this as all one object? why not the 'bottom', 'lid', and 'hinge'. Just curious.

    I'm also guessing that my initial response probably won't work given the complexity of your chest; although, hat edge loop I referred to I'm assuming is the break between the top and bottom of the chest and then you'd have two edge loops defining that break.

  • Running with Thibaut's solution, choose the entire edge loop that goes around from one offending point to the other and bevel it and then hit f6 if you still have problems. Vertexs only might be checked. His seems the simplest route

  • pffsfs Awesome Scott, that was it! I thought I merged them all. So now the bevel worked, but it seems that the problem just has been moved one face over, it's essentially the same situation. Any thought on how to tackle this?

  • pffsfs our answers crossed I see 😛 I want to make a game asset, and I thought that would be better as one object (but maybe my thinking is wrong! I dunno never made one before). I started with the lid, then made the chest, the merged them. Then I made the hinge apart from the rest and now I merged that. Which left this topology challenge.

    tbrbn pffsfs The chamfer in combination with an extra loopcut all arround worked! Thanks Thibaut and Scott for your help! 

  • smurfmier1985 ... yay to teamwork. glad it worked out

  • Y the cylinder and clean up the topology under neath.

    EDIT - and get rid of this stupid goddamn yellow Upgrade bar that covers 99% of the submit button.

  • crew

    Nice work on finding the solution! Also kkillerwolf if you clear your cache you can hide the yellow bar.

  • smurfmier1985 It can be one object, but three separate meshes within that single object... if that's of any value when it comes to game assets.

  • rontarrant smurfmier1985  game assets can be different objects, helps organizing them too. come export time just remember select all you need and other  thing to keep in mind is to make texture atlas from all the separate objects. Depending on the situation ofcourse, sometimes you want to separate parts to different uv:s and texture sets to bring up texel density.

  • rontarrant louhikarme Thanks for your reply and advice! 😊 It was pretty difficult merging everything together so it's great to know that I don't have to do that next time! The rest sounds pretty difficult (had to google texture atlas never heard that before), got a lot to learn still. Seems like it would be a good idea to do the game asset learning flow to learn this kind of stuff. So much fun things to learn here 😄

  • smurfmier1985 The SciFi helmet shading course covers how to use the Texture atlas addon in Blender, I'd recommend checking it once you start texturing your asset.

  • tbrbn Thanks for pointing me in the right direction 😊 I made it in 2.8 so I'll have to wait with that until addons are supported again, I'll be sure to check it out when that time comes!

  • smurfmier1985 Learning how to build mind-bending topology that preserves the quad flow is a great exercise. You get the hang of that and nothing can stop you for more than a few minutes.

    Of course, then you may find yourself following the challenges of poly flow rather than opting for the expedient build. :)

  • rontarrant Thanks for the encouragement Ron, I've for sure learned a lot with doing this project, learned most from fixing my mistakes. I'll keep practising 😊