Ingrid Frank

Fide´s Sketchbook

Hey guys!

I thougt about opening a sketchbook, since I´m drawing a lot lately. Sooooo, here it is!

Thoughts about my art and CC is appreciated! 

Most recent piece:

  • fide this looks really great. i really  love it this way :) awesome job done .

  • Dark elven queen.
     Finally coming back to my usual style
    Anyone else experience the withering of one´s skills as soon as you stop drawing? It´s really frustrating D:
  • I didn´t have much time and inspiration to draw in the past months, but I try to come back to it. 

    Here´s what I´m working on atm:

    I already started rendering it and should be finished by next weekend. I wanted to have it finished already, but examns are coming up and I have to focus on studying D: 

    Aaaalso, I try to achieve my new year´s resolution: drawing everyday even if it´s just scribbeling >_< Hope I can keep it up

  • fide Nice character. Her dress seems like a cross between a barmaid and a pirate which is cool :D However, her fingers seem like they're at a wrong angle and long compared to the size of the hand.

  • drgnclw  thank you! I wanted to draw an elven thief ^^

    Yeah, the hand is wrong, I´m working on it atm, the rest is finished already. Hands are one of the things I REALLY need to practice

  • I just wanted to practice first and make it some kind of warm up before continuing with the elven thief, but I wanted to draw clear lines for once. It took me way too long and I didn´t work on the elf that day....

    I´ll try to finish the elf during this weekend though öö

  • Playing around with textured brushes and a new way to color skin. 

    I hated it that the skin of my characters looked like plastic and I think I finally found a way to make it better. Another picture with the same approach is in the making! x3

  • I was able to keep the skin coloring style, but I´m still looking for a way to color hair and clothes, so it all fits together öö

  • fide I really love this elf. The elven thief consept also is amazing. Also good job on the portraits but I love the way you did those 2 a lot. Keep this up 

  • yyukinoh1989 Thank you very much! I really dig this way of coloring skin!

  • Portrait study

    Original photo

  • Hi Ingrig

    Thanks for sharing your portraits. Very nice progress by time. Deeper, more subtle.

    I liked n. 7; the girl with the red hair from october and the male character.

    From my prespective it was striking to note the difference between males and females painting. Your male character looks like a normal human being, while your females more of a beauty/sex objects. Their body position, their strong total gaze, perects skin... it feels more like mythological creatures than real beings. The photo vs portrait.. the photo shows a girl with some mess in her hair, an irony in the gaze, some life's charge on her shoulders... normal human being... 

    You seem to have an accurate hand... which means you could express, portray the more subtle details.

    You are doing fine... just keep painting;)

  • donbonbon Thank you for your feedback! 

    The reason why the male character looks like a normal human being is because he was commissioned that way! :D He´s a normal human male in his 40s with burn marks from an old accident. If I would  draw males the way I wanted, they would have something mytical on them as well. Just take a look at the male from the bust sketch practice. It´s just a theme I really like. 

    Once I´m more comfortable with drawing males there will be more drawings of them as well!

    I can agree with the portrait, I failed to capture her kind of sarcastic gaze, I hope I become more acurate with copying emotions/expressions in the future.

  • fide actually it felt you are more confortable with drawing males than females. Your females were too perfect (the earlier, as I mentioned).. it risks to convey them more like objects and less like real being. As for the male, I could relate to him because he was more human ad thus he's strong, he made a choice, crossed his Rubicon exactly why he felt mythical. The girl with the red hair is getting, she has anger and desire, that of 17.01 as well, the greyish hair is a nice choice, normal lips, more of an irony... normalize them more if I may say, it touched more... my two simple eyes nothing more;)

  • Since I´m done with my university stuff, I finally have time again for drawing and Blender!

    Heres a WIP of what I´m working atm. A loose drawing with the intention to get back on track

  • I got a bit carried away by gaming. Took me longer than planned because of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 __@

  • It´s really hard to get back to art after a long break D:

    Anyway, here´s my current wip. I try to stuck with the more realistic style from now on!

  • I´m done with my elf princess x3 

    I also posted it as a "project" in the gallery, since I´m so proud of this piece. I wasn´t able to draw something decent for a while, so I´m really excited how she turned out <3 I uploaded a process gif along with the finished piece to the gallery! 

  • The futuristic warrior I had in mind became a space maid somehow... ^^

  • Space maid at your service! <3 

    I´m not too satisfied with this one, since I wanted to achieve the same look/style as with the elf princess drawing. 
    Oh well, I still have to practice a lot ^^