Ingrid Frank

Fide´s Sketchbook

Hey guys!

I thougt about opening a sketchbook, since I´m drawing a lot lately. Sooooo, here it is!

Thoughts about my art and CC is appreciated! 

  • fide this looks really great. i really  love it this way :) awesome job done .

  • Dark elven queen.
     Finally coming back to my usual style
    Anyone else experience the withering of one´s skills as soon as you stop drawing? It´s really frustrating D:
  • I didn´t have much time and inspiration to draw in the past months, but I try to come back to it. 

    Here´s what I´m working on atm:

    I already started rendering it and should be finished by next weekend. I wanted to have it finished already, but examns are coming up and I have to focus on studying D: 

    Aaaalso, I try to achieve my new year´s resolution: drawing everyday even if it´s just scribbeling >_< Hope I can keep it up

  • fide Nice character. Her dress seems like a cross between a barmaid and a pirate which is cool :D However, her fingers seem like they're at a wrong angle and long compared to the size of the hand.

  • drgnclw  thank you! I wanted to draw an elven thief ^^

    Yeah, the hand is wrong, I´m working on it atm, the rest is finished already. Hands are one of the things I REALLY need to practice

  • I just wanted to practice first and make it some kind of warm up before continuing with the elven thief, but I wanted to draw clear lines for once. It took me way too long and I didn´t work on the elf that day....

    I´ll try to finish the elf during this weekend though öö

  • Playing around with textured brushes and a new way to color skin. 

    I hated it that the skin of my characters looked like plastic and I think I finally found a way to make it better. Another picture with the same approach is in the making! x3

  • I was able to keep the skin coloring style, but I´m still looking for a way to color hair and clothes, so it all fits together öö

  • fide I really love this elf. The elven thief consept also is amazing. Also good job on the portraits but I love the way you did those 2 a lot. Keep this up 

  • yyukinoh1989 Thank you very much! I really dig this way of coloring skin!