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polybook yukino1989

This is my polybook .
works will be seen here as in my gallery

My to do list and what i want to learn in 20.19

The house assets(not priority but good to do in between )
126/130 house objects (4 are done )
i know 130 house assets is a lot but for example i will make diffrent styles or sizes . like several lights . antiek kitchen / modern kitchen etc . Not sure how long this might take but i dont worry too much since this is to keep practicing and to do in between the lessons .

Courses and Learning flows 

-animation bootcamp
-Blender mesh modeling bootcamp
-Introduction to hard surface modeling
-introduction to character modeling
-interior architectural vizualization (still need to finish this course)
-Animation workflow and body mechanics
-Short film character production (pierro course)
-fundamentals of rigging

If possible some small animation.

  • smurfmier1985 thanks a lot for all the info. Guess animation will have to wait till tomorrow since I am stuck with 3 kids xd. The obstacle indeed is the hardest one so far. But fun to learn and I plan to re use everything I learned in the dougie scene as the character ball exercise . What might have a few little scenes added together to create a small clip. Again thanks for all the feedback. 

  • thecabbagedetective we sure have . i know the feeling at first i was too like ya this is looking good unable to see the mistakes . still dont see them all but its getting better. i hope you will enjoy the animations i make and in time i will try to model some stuff too :)

  • been working a whole day onto it and i am pretty happy with the result. there might be things i dont see now since i worked a full day on it so if someting is off let me know 

    exercise page

  • yyukinoh1989 Good job. I saw something a bit off. It looks like something is accelerating the ball at the ends of the platforms. It feels like the ball should accelerate less.

  • drgnclw thanks a lot. Next time gonna try to keep this in mind. 

  • yyukinoh1989 I am on my phone but from what I can see the rotations look good 😊 drgnclw already mentioned the speed ups. Bounce on platform looks better. overall it's looking good! You're ready for the complex ball drops 👍🏻

  • smurfmier1985 thank you. I gonna do my best with the next one 

  • yyukinoh1989 I have not done this exercise, so take this with a grain of salt, but there's something funky when the ball hits the platform that doesn't look right, like it stops before rolling again when maybe it should just keep rolling?

  • silentheart00 I get what you mean I think. You mean at the second platform after the second bounce right? Maybe I have tighten the spacing à bit too much 

  • yyukinoh1989 Yeah, that area.

  • not much yet but this is what i have so far .
    i do think i need to speed up the beach ball a bit and perhaps tighten the spacing of bowling ball at start a bit too.

  • WIP version 2

    if you guys notice any mistakes let me know.
    the next part will be most difficult since a lot of balls gonna interact with the beach ball .

  • yyukinoh1989 hi Yukino, I'm happy to provide feedback but it's kinda hard to say something useful at such an unfinished state... once you have all your interactions & reactions in place and finished all the movements, feel free to tag me. I'll make some time to gives some critiques then. 

    Happy animating! 😊

  • smurfmier1985 thanks a lot i sure will . gonna try to first fix the beach ball since i keyframed the root there too instead of the body.

  • yyukinoh1989 what I would do:

    Turn off auto keying and keying set. Copy all key frames from the root. Paste them on the body. Delete all key frames from the root. Turn auto keying and keying set back on.

    Pretty quick fix :)

  • smurfmier1985

    somehow i have trouble with copy . i know how to duplicate but how do you copy keys ? should readed this sooner xD but well ya i just redid the little part :)

  • yyukinoh1989 well.. it works the same as in most software programs. CTRL+C to copy, CTRL+V to paste.

    I'm off to bed now, I will give feedback on this tomorrow after the livestream 😊👍🏻

  • smurfmier1985 gonna try it out tomorrow. I look forward to the feedback :). Have a good night. 

  • yyukinoh1989 

    Hi Yukino, back from seeing Pepper create yellow snow :-p

    First wanna say good job so far! You've made a really difficult version of this exercise with so many balls, and there's a lot of good stuff in there. Just a bit of polishing before you add rotations, but the base is strong.

    Here are my notes for you,

    First drop / rolling on platforms:

    All balls seem to have pretty even spacing when dropping and rolling (as far as I can judge without motion paths, which would be a spaghetti mess in this exercise so I'm glad you didn't turn them on lol). Remember, when it drops it's like the vanilla bounce, tight spacing on top and the spacing gaps getting bigger and bigger, with a pretty big spacing gap before it hits the ground. With the rolling balls it should also get bigger as it starts to roll faster down the ramp, only the build up goes a lot slower then when it falls, more subtle.


    - When it falls on the second ramp the bounces can be a bit bigger, it's quite a bouncy ball.

    - It starts rolling fast too soon after that, make it start a bit slower and build up speed.

    - Bounces on the ground look good :)

    Bowling ball:

    - The drop on the secon platform, the height is good. I do think it goes to far to the right (up the platform). Try reducing that traveling space by 50%

    - When it hits the beach ball, it's good you change the drection but I think in this case it's too much. The bowling bal is really heavy, while the beach ball is super light. Changing the direction empasized the interaction with the beah ball, but in this case it should be a really subtle small change of direction.

    - Bouncing on the ground looks good :)

    Soccer Ball:

    - Bounces after first drop look good :)

    - After that is shoots of like a rocket! That's pretty cool but more for a cartoon animation ;) It now looks like it speeds up on the horzintal part. But it should be more like this: when it rolls of the platform it should build up speed thanks to gravity, when it goes horizontal it slowly loses momentum, as wel as going up a platform. The distance is short here so it won't lose much momentum.

    - After the rocket shot all the bouncing and rolling back looks good :)

    Blue Ball:

    - It feels like it sticking on the ground instead of bouncing (the second small bounce is the culprit here). Then it shoots of at the same maximum speed. Apply all the same principles here I mentioned before.

    - The stop at the end is too sudden. When it hits the wall with so much force it should roll back a lot further.

    Beach Ball:

    - This one is the hardest, and it does need a bit of love, but it's a good start :)

    - When a ball hits it, make it go fast at the start when it shoots of in another direction, but then let wind resistance take over and slow it down (like a bouncing ball when it goes up, start with big spacing gaps and then make it tighter)

    - It feels like the beach ball is waiting for a frame or two, hanging still in space, before the basket ball hit it. Make sure it feels like it keeps moving.

    - The arc on the drop from the platform (after all the hits) could be a bit nicer. It feels a bit like it goes too flat to the ground.

    - The bounces between the bowling ball and baskett ball (when it floats to the ground) feel a bit wonky. Check the graph editor there, you probably have to smooth out the curves.

    So, my advice for you. Since you are pretty far in the bootcamp let's step up your game and train your eyes :)

    - Watch your video over and over and compare with my notes. See if you can spot what I've seen. Go frame by frame and also play it at full speed, switch between those. Train those eyes.

    - Then get a good nights rest since it's already late :-p

    - Tomorow (or whenever you have planned to work on it again), polish the translations. Rest your eyes for at least an hour. Then watch it the same way as before with my notes and see if everything is fixed. If not, repeat as often as necessary. Also, there will probably be new issues when you fix something (that's pretty common). Try to spot those and fix them too :)

    - After that do the same with adding rotations, but this time, after a rest, try to make your own notes. Pick it apart. Train your eye to see more yourself. Adjust & review, over and over again, until your happy. 

    - Then just submit it and let Wayne be the final judge ;) because you can never see everything with your own work, that's a fact, we animators need feedback. But you can train yourself to see a lot more and get better at that every time!

    I will say it again, pretty good job so far! Keep it up and happy animating :-D

  • smurfmier1985 thank you so much Miranda for the amazing feedback. Tomorrow I go start looking to see if I see the wrong spots. It surely was not easy. But I wanted to challange myself here before I go onto the character ball. I am also happy to hear I did a good job on this.