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polybook yukino1989

This is my polybook .
works will be seen here as in my gallery

My to do list and what i want to learn in 20.19

The house assets(not priority but good to do in between )
126/130 house objects (4 are done )
i know 130 house assets is a lot but for example i will make diffrent styles or sizes . like several lights . antiek kitchen / modern kitchen etc . Not sure how long this might take but i dont worry too much since this is to keep practicing and to do in between the lessons .

Courses and Learning flows 

-animation bootcamp
-Blender mesh modeling bootcamp
-Introduction to hard surface modeling
-introduction to character modeling
-interior architectural vizualization (still need to finish this course)
-Animation workflow and body mechanics
-Short film character production (pierro course)
-fundamentals of rigging

If possible some small animation.

  • smurfmier1985
    Thanks a lot i will keep a few day rest for this exercise .
    for the first drop i decreased from 18 frames to 16 frames so gonna check if 14 frame will be better then .
    i also started the obstacle 1 exercise . so if youre ready to critique some more fire them away .
    thanks for taking youre time to critique them

  • yyukinoh1989 Also looked at your obstace drop.

    It's a good start Yukino, just some little things to adress before moving on to rotations :)

    - the first platform, the ball is going pretty slow there, you've got even spacing instead of speeding up. Then when it falls of the platorm it does speed up suddenly, which looks a bit 'off'.
    First make it speed up on the first platform. Real tight spacing at the top, getting a bit bigger each frame when it picks up speed rolling down the platform.
    When it falls of the first platform continue this speeding up in the same way. Also make it land higher  on the platform a bit. When it has a lot of speed / momemten, gravity will have a effect of course but it won't pull it down that much

    - the first bounce on the platform can be a bit bigger (because it hits harder when you give it some speed)

    - same even spacing on second platform rolling down & second fall towards the ground (the distance it falls away from the platform is pretty good)

    - you have even spacing in the bounces on the ground, try to make them nice parabolas

    You can do this, just rest those eyes and polish away! it always takes multiple passes to get right ^^

  • yyukinoh1989 yeah I was already on that, but giving detailes critiques takes time so we crossed each other ;)

  • smurfmier1985 haha indeed :p
    guess i have to work on both more on the spacing and parabolas .
    as for the speed when it rolls on the second platform i suppose it should axelerate again with even more speed right ? since it more downwards placed ?

  • yyukinoh1989 it's the same way as on the first platform, since the bounces before that kinda stop the ball. So it starts slow and builds up speed. Tight spacing at the start and slowly getting bigger when it speeds up rolling down.

    Timing, Spacing and Parabolas... they are hard when you start out. But every time you animate them you get better. It slowly sneaks up to you. You'll get there :)

  • smurfmier1985 thanks i have to say even if its hard its extremely fun. so far i love the obstacle one most of all for now :) at first i was like wow those 2 curves how i gonna get that good but once you start tweaking you do get there :) .
    i cant wait till i get into the character ball . especially dougie he is so adorable . got some plans for him

  • yyukinoh1989 looking forward to seeing that! Good luck :)

  • simple kitchen table .

    later on when i modelled the house assets ill spend time with textures like wood etc but for now i will use basic materials .
    let me know if someting looks not good or strange .

  • yyukinoh1989 Looks simply great :D I don't know how the legs are supposed to connect to the table but tightening the gap between them a bit might look better. You might also brighten your light source (or one of them if you have more than one) to make the table stand out more. Darker background also fits much better.

  • drgnclw hey thanks for the feedback I'll change to a darker background when I'll make the turnable version. The legs of the table is more iron material  gonna tighten the gap between the iron and wood. I am also not sure how it's connected at the image reference I was unable to see any screws. 

  • since i took a break from the vanilla ball drop and obstacle i decided to check out the squash and stretch.
    at first i was like i just gonna watch it and download but i guess i ended up trying it out and ya in the end
    make the exercise already xD
    so here it is . let me know what you guys think

    exercise squash and stretch

  • also worked onto the vanilla drop . i think this is better already especially the drop speed. somehow i first was like that will be way too fast only 14 frames but after all it looks much better .
    gonna take a break for one hour and then go onto the obstacle to see if i can adjust a bit in there :)

  • yyukinoh1989 You're going at a good clip.  Hopefully you won't wear yourself out.  Things look good from here =]

  • silentheart00 Thanks a lot . just finished for today . this is the obstacle (still not finished )
    but i first gonna see if things are still strange or not good :) .
    i try to be carefull . dont want to end up like last time . took a while to recover from it .

  • anticipation. gonna start tomorrow maybe already with some main poses of dougie and try to finish the obstacle course as soon as i can.
    smurfmier1985 got some new updates since i know how good youre judgement is if you have time could you judge the animations ?

  • yyukinoh1989 Hi Yukino,

    The kind of feedback that's useful to you takes quite a bit of time (going frame by frame, looking at things multiple times, writing things down in a way that's clear). Since my vacation is over I now have only limited time during weekday evenings, which I want to spend mostly on animating and practicing myself (livestream Tuesday is the exception). I'm happy to take a look at them this weekend though 😊

    I do recommend first finishing the complex obstacle drop before tackling character ball though! As well as applying feedback to all the exercises that come before character ball (like Wayne gave you on squash&stretch). Those are all skills you'll need for the character ball exercise, and the more you practice those beforehand the easier it will be. I also recommend watching the Torque Antenna Video a couple of times to get familiar with overlap&drag (this you'll need for Dougies tail).

    Also take your time, as fast as possible will bite you in the ass when it comes to animation. The Animation Bootcamp teaches you all the fundamental skills on which you'll build the rest of your animation techniques, so it's better to learn and practice those in your own pace so you can really master them before moving on to more difficult things. 

  • smurfmier1985. Thanks. I do will keep practicing. The antene overlap still is something I need to check out. Handy to know that it will help for dougie. I will also once I start with dougie practice everything with him again since I plan to do several things with him. At least if it go the way I want :p. 

  • Hey guys so today I took a day off. Tomorrow I will work on the obstacle drop. Hope to be able to finish that at least by next week before the weekend. Once that is finished I will do the character ball using dougie and in that clip I will try to use everything I learned so far to make a nice short animation. Of course what will be seen still have to wait a bit longer.

  • yyukinoh1989 Hi, as promised here is the feedback on your exercises.


    Squash & Stretch

    Wayne's feedback on your exercise is spot on (as always), I have nothing to add really. What might help you out, I'll give you the link to my third version of the vertical S&S exercise, which finally was good enough, according to Wayne haha. Perhaps going frame by frame studying it will help you improve your own version.

    Vanilla Ball Drops

    The first drop is looking much better, good job! Good speed and they are falling at the same rate. Good improvement. Bowling ball still looking good. You still have the issue with the soccer ball and basketball that the last bounces are a bit too snappy, like a magnet pulling it to the ground. It looks a bit jittery. Check thoses curves to see if they're nice parabolas (zoom in close). With the soccer ball it's the 4th - 6th bounce. With the basketball it's the 6th - 8th bounce. The last bounces are the 'feeling' bounces you create with the handles, those probably look good but check to be sure. Even whe you create t with the handles it should be parabola like.

    Obstacle Drop

    Much better! This exercise wasn't my best, still find this physics kind of thing pretty hard, but I'll try to give you some useful feedback. 

    - The spacing on the ramps look good. I do feel the first ramp is a bit slow thoug, maybe delete a couple of frames to gain speed a bit faster.

    - When it comes of the platforms the last two spacing gaps are quite even, I feel it should speed up at least a little before hitting the ground.

    - First bounce when it lands on the second platform looks good. The second one is a bit to big, make that a small bounce. It will lose force / momentum after the first bounce. Make the speed up after the second bounce a tinyyy bit slower at the start (add a couple of frames), 'cause feels like it's starts rolling fast too soon. 

    - The height differences between the first and second bounce on the ground isn't big enough imo, it should reduce a bit more height with each bounce (about 2/3). Try makingthe first one bigger, and maybe then also a bit wider (since it's going pretty fast it can travel farther).

    But good job, this is a huge improvement over the first version. Good luck and have fun with aplying the feedback and adding the rotations. Looking forward to the finished version!


    I saw Wayne has already giving you great feedback, so you've got all you need to improve this one :)



    Good work Yukino. I hope this is all useful to you. Happy animating!


  • yyukinoh1989 Hey there! Just thought I'd check it.

    It seems we got another animator on our hands! Unfortunately this means I can't really offer any useful feedback as of now as I can barely make a ball move but I'm looking forward to seeing you progress and maybe I can offer you some help in the future. You seem to be doing 3D modeling stuff as well so I'll keep an eye out for those so I can help but for now I wish you the best of luck in your animation and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next!