yukino hatake

polybook yukino1989

This is my polybook .
works will be seen here as in my gallery

My to do list and what i want to learn in 20.19

The house assets(not priority but good to do in between )
126/130 house objects (4 are done )
i know 130 house assets is a lot but for example i will make diffrent styles or sizes . like several lights . antiek kitchen / modern kitchen etc . Not sure how long this might take but i dont worry too much since this is to keep practicing and to do in between the lessons .

Courses and Learning flows 

-animation bootcamp
-Blender mesh modeling bootcamp
-Introduction to hard surface modeling
-introduction to character modeling
-interior architectural vizualization (still need to finish this course)
-Animation workflow and body mechanics
-Short film character production (pierro course)
-fundamentals of rigging

If possible some small animation.

  • yyukinoh1989 Here, I decimated it for you.  Some small artifacts, but you can clean that up easily.  Even with smooth shading, it should be enough to look fine.

  • yyukinoh1989 I think I found (at least one of your) problem(s):

    You've got Dynamic Topology enabled, together with Multiresolution Modifier.

    This doesn't work! (See warning!)

    I will send you a 'revised' .blend file, see if you can open that....

    Your poly count ain't that bad, so my guess is, that that's not the main problem.

    My internet is really slow so it might take some time to upload the file to Dropbox, but just be patient.

  • spikeyxxx and silentheart00 

    both thanks . the decimated already works
    spike i would love to see if i could open the revised blend file . no problem i have time enough .
    gonna continue again tomorrow gonna have to keep in mind this time to save more and several version and to not go too high .

  • spikeyxxx I was curious to see that, too.  Didn't think that much about it, though.

  • yyukinoh1989 I'm sorry, but I tried uploading it to Dropbox several times, but it won't.

    I'll try one more time tomorrow.

  • yyukinoh1989 O.k., after 6 failed attempts to upload it to Dropbox, I decided to try Google Drive and that worked.

    Let' see if you can open this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1q0Rhn7Blf_mZvKDFi-9w-V8xIQU52Sk8

    The only change I made, was to remove the Multires and at least for me it opened a lot faster!

    From about 60 seconds for the original .blend to about 15 seconds for the new one.

    Like I already said, your poly count is not too bad, apart from 'Sphere', which has a Subdivision Surface Modifier with a Viewport level of 3! Change that to 2 and the total amount of vertices will be just over 600 000. (And then it opened in about 10 seconds...)

    So, I would say that there is no need for decimation.

  • spikeyxxx
    Thank you spike indeed i can open it again . still wonder why i even used multires . think i must been tired xD
    Thanks both for the help now i know what the reason was and happy it got solved .

  • yyukinoh1989 I'm so glad it worked;)

  • spikeyxxx me too . 

    i also took out the parts that where no longer nessecary . hope to finish the hair somewhere this weekend or next weekend :D

  • hey guys been busy lately but still working onto the girl :) trough i have some trouble with the hair bit i guess in time i can finish it in a way i like it :)

    now i buyed a house (in september i gonna sign the final contract and next year 1 april i will live there. (nope its not an april joke xD now that would be bad for me if that would be the case haha xD)
    so since i still have time to check what to do i planned to change the current house before i designed with the house i buyed. and in blender see how i will place things or what i will move where :)

    this is a screenshot of the lowerfloor ( ill add floor 1 later on as i get further )

    the writing is done in nl language

  • been working a bit onto the character and house . some small update.

    bit more detail in the hair.

    and added doors onto the house and place for the first floor what will be visible later