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Polybook - Nekronavt

So, I decided that this place is better for posting WIPs than gallery :)

  • Yeah, human again. Not much of a surprise from me. Critique is widely welcome.

    And from behind

    It is not final though, I'll put him into ZRemesher and will do some refining.

  • Ha-ha! Surprise, it's not an another human!

  • nekronavt Not another human, but probably it’s still a prop to be used for another human? 😉

  • smurfmier1985 Well both yes and no. It will be a prop for my improvisation game project, but I'm planning to render it as a standalone portfolio piece. I decided to focus on props for awhile, since it seems like a better job apportunity. Or maybe even a tech artist.

  • nekronavt great minds think alike! Exactly the reason why I’m currently focusing on environments & props 😬

    Do post updates from time to time though, since I don’t do discord and I would love to see what you’re up to! 😄 good luck 🤘🏻😎

  • nekronavt Btw I was wondering, you are using Unreal right? Why do you prefer Unreal over Unity?

    I’m currently testing which game engine I will dive deeper into 😊 

  • smurfmier1985 

    Do post updates from time to time though, since I don’t do discord

    Discord is cool tho. But okay, I will.

    Why do you prefer Unreal over Unity?

    I can't say right now if it's better than Unity, simply because I'm not watching for Unity features updates. Back in the times, when I switched for learning Unreal, Unity had no comfortable prefab editing tools, and Unreal had it's blueprint system. And so many awesome things in Unreal are just caming out of the box. But for now I'm unsing Unreal simply because I know it better and see no advantages in switching to Unity. And, probably, it depends on the type of your project.

  • nekronavt 

    • I’m sure it is 😊 but I feel like I’m already spread too thin between job, family, social platforms, exercise, learning and practicing 3D. I rather not add more things to keep track of to the list...

    • Thanks for your answer! I’m currently testing Unity and things not working out of the box is my biggest annoyance atm. And some features (like automatic LOD and Visual Scripting) are still not build in but ‘they are working on it’. Also their best lighting system is still in preview and a pain to install (at least that was my experience with it). But I don’t want to decide before I’ve tested both and asked around what other people’s experiences are 😎
  • smurfmier1985 yeah, Unreal has awesome visual scripting system, but it has C++ instead of C# as a programming language. Not a disadvantage for me, but some may find C++ more difficult to use. And yeah, it has automatic LOD system even for skeletal meshes.

    About out of the box features - anyway, most of the things you should code yourself, but Unreal is helping you a lot. Like it has built in damage system, perception system. Don't know if Unity has it all.

    For the cons - it's reaaaly slow code and shader compilation on a machine with weak CPU. I wanted to hang myself sometimes, while waiting shaders to compile on my notebook. But luckily I have a 12-thread ryzen 5 now, so the pain is gone.

    And it's difficult to spot the differences between this two with a superficial glance. You need to dive deep to spot all the noice stuff there. But basically, if you're making a PC/Console game, I would recommend to use Unreal.

  • nekronavt thanks for the detailed explanation! I’m focused on computer/console so I will certainly take your advice into account! Though my focus is only game art at the moment, environments/props/lighting. Modeling, texturing with substance painter. That kind of stuff. So the shader thing is important for me (for snow shader for example), as wel as LOD (once I get to big environments it will be great to have that) and out of the box great lighting and such, but the coding thing is less important for me (at least for now).

  • smurfmier1985 well, Unreal has node-based material editor, but unity also has one now. Lightng is cool in unreal and it has DXR (DirectX Raytracing) functionality btw, so if you have at least GTX 1060, you can do static renders with with nice shadows and reflections. Also Unreal now has node-based modular particle system called Niagara, there is a lot of awesome stuff made with it on youtube. So, basically - it has a lot of cool stuff for fancy graphics and has a node-based scripting system, so you can leave C++ coding aside.

  • nekronavt with every response you give you feed my gut feeling that I should run to the dark side and check out Unreal 😉

  • smurfmier1985 Unreal is a light side ;) 

  • nekronavt but I love the dark side ;)

  • nekronavt recommend any good resources for learning unreal?

  • nekronavt thanks! That’s great 😃 

  • Well, that's one hell of a cooler. WIP.

    And about the sword. I kinda blocked out a scene in UE4 with default starter pack assets, but need to make my own stones at least. These are to edgy.

  • nekronavt lol, love the cooler! 😂

    Still, those starter assets are good for blocking out the composition, and that looks good 😎👍🏻