Thibaut Bourbon

Pie menu advices ?

(Disclaimer: this topic has nothing to do with food.)

Hi, I've been wondering for quite some time now about the usage of pie menu in blender. I tried several time to use it as I heard and read many time that it's a very efficient way to speed up one's workflow, but here's the thing, I can't really see any benefit (yet?).

Am I doing something wrong ? Is the Blender's default pie menu not very effective ? If you are using it, are you using a customize version ? I've been used to the default setting of blender for ages and maybe that's also why I have hard time switching to it, but it seems that when properly used, pie menu can really speed up your workflow by reducing the amount of step for one given action.

Any recommendation?



  • If you go to the add-ons tab in the user preferences and find the pie menu add-ons that you are using.  If you open them up, you can activate and deactivate different menus.  I don't know if that's what you're looking for, though.  I use pie menus all the time and I love them.

  • crew

    The ones I find most useful are the Z and Tab pie menus, since they bring up all the options instead of just toggling between two. So switching between solid and wireframe is slightly slower, but switching from solid to textured is much faster. The trick is to flick your mouse in the direction of the one you want to select, instead of actually clicking the button (that would definitely be slower!). It's all personal preference though, and the default keymap is going to change with 2.8 anyway, so I wouldn't worry about it much if you find it unhelpful. 

  • Thanks for your answers, I'll keep my workflow as is for the time being then :) 

  • I personally did not find them to save me much time. Although I did not use the pie meus very long.