Heath Rowell

I Want to Share With You Guys, the "Solve All Blender Sculpt Problems" Button

It's rad. So check it.

User Preferences > Add Ons > Search for Mesh: 3D Print Toolbox > Add the Bad Boy

Go to Edit Mode and select your mesh.

Click on the new "3D Printing" tab on the left side.

There will be a section called "Cleanup:" and more specifically the button "Make Manifold".

Many of you will probably be aware of the hotkeys for non-manifold edge selection and the various steps you have to go through to solve things after using it. But you click this button and it does it all for you. Instantly.

Fill holes? Check.

Solve bad geometry? Check.

Make Normals Consistant? Check.

Delete Duplicate Geometry? Check.

When things aren't working in Sculpt and you're suddenly like "Man I don't even know where to begin to fix this, let alone have the time to troubleshoot what is even going wrong with the mesh in the first place ..." you can now, instead, say "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU make manifold button."  Bam. Problem solved.

I present to you, the happiness button.