In need for guidance and advices regarding my learning flow.

Hello everyone. 

Some time ago, I decided to really push my learning of Blender further by subscribing to cgcookie. My problem is, I'm still lacking direction I think.
Recently I watched a video by Andrew Price on advices to beginners in Blender, and one thing he said is that your learning flow should focus on your goal.

My goal being modeling character, I figured out I should go for digital sculplting mainly (even though I kinda lost that a little from my mind and started recently the hard surface modeling learning flow...which do not really appeal to me in the end (not surprisingly?)).

Today, I decided I should go back to my original plan. I guess then I should focus on learning tutorials related to digital sculplting. But I'm really wondering, should I be first follow the complete "Modeling in Blender" flow (https://www.cgcookie.com/flow/modeling-in-blender), even though some parts are really far from what I want to do, or would you consider following the complete flow (with all parts) a pre-requesite to any serious use of Blender?

Thank you for reading.

  • crew

    I'd say go through the sculpting courses that interest you most. Yes there will be times when you need to watch another course to find that tidbit of info to move forward, but don't waste time learning something you're not going to be using anytime soon. Just In Time Learning is how I like to approach things and it ensures you're learning what you need at the moment instead of "stocking up" knowledge that you may or may not use. It's also a lot easier and more enjoyable to learn this way. 

    We have quite a few sculpting courses so you should have plenty to look through. During the process of sculpting you may find that you want to explore other topics. Don't feel like you need to follow a rigid schedule or list of courses to move forward. The flows are meant to be guides for those who have no idea what they want to pursue yet, but if you do then do that.