Ron Tarrant

A Question about Grading

When I started submitting exercises to be graded, I assumed that whoever taught the course would also do the grading. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

Now I'm curious about how the system works. Are grades awarded by peers, by a CG Cookie employee, or a third party? Are there different 'graders' for the different disciplines (animation, modeling, etc.)?

And I'm not asking so I know who to suck up to. :) Just thought I'd get that out there.

  • mostly graded by members such as myself (or anyone who chooses to)...

    for the animation bootcamp Wayne takes a big interest in following up...

  • I'm not sure if the instructors grade the exercises or not. The members definitely do though. If you click on any of the categories (Blender/Concept/Unity) there's a drop down on the header of the page that says "Exercises". You can either browse through the different exercises if you're looking for something to do, or you can click "View Submissions". That will pull up all of the exercises that other members have done, and you can go through and grade them if you want, or just check out what the did.

    I'm not big on the whole members grading members thing. I'd prefer it be an instructor, but they already have enough on their plates. I wouldn't mind it if there were some way to have it be people that have already completed the course/exercise and passed it, that are aloud to grade. Because there are a lot of people that just go through and grade just to gain xp or they haven't completed the course that it corresponds with. I'm sure I've submitted some that shouldn't have passed, but they did.

    I do like the exercise concept a lot though. It helps get you out of following step by step mode, and gets you to start problem solving on your own.

  • Thanks for the replies, guys.

    zzachzellman: I know what you mean about member grading... not that I doubt the guys who grade my stuff, but I wouldn't dream of trying to grade someone else's until I have a whole lot more experience. If I had time to go through and understand the objectives of the modeling exercises, I might grade someone's modeling work, but definitely not animation. Even my rigging is so rusty I wouldn't dare grade in that area and I consider myself pretty good at that, just out of practice.

    But at least now I know what's going on. I must say I was quite confused the first time someone graded my work and it wasn't Wayne Dixon.

  • crew

    Hey Ron, the exercises are peer reviewed, so multiple people (usually around 5) need to give the thumbs up in order to pass. Wayne is a beast at grading all his exercises, and I try to keep an eye on mine but don't always get to all of them. If you want feedback from the instructor, feel free to @ mention us in a comment and we'll get a notification to come check it out. 

  • rontarrant yeah for sure! I feel the same way, if I think I have a grasp of the topic, then I'll grade it. If not, then I leave it alone lol.

  • jlampel Now that I know what's going on, I'm okay, but thanks for the tips. I shall sleep easier tonight. :)

  • I'll try to click the thumbs down button more often from now on.