How to display the Vertex Color data of a .ply file (exported from TRNio) in Blender?

Hi All,

I've exported a model from TRNio (on iOS) to Blender (and after retopo to Unity).

TRNio exports models as .ply

When I import the model I can see in the Data Properties Tab that it has Vertex Color data (but no UVs)

However, I cannot figure out how to make it display.

I have gone into Vertex Paint mode, I have created a Blender Render material and checked the Vertex Color Paint boxes in the Material Properties Panel, but nothing seems to show up.

I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions!

Thanks, Daniel

  • I know you've probably found a solution or workaround by now, but I just subscribed to CG Cookie recently and wanted to contribute. : P

    I don't think Blender's .ply importer supports vertex colors on import. You might try importing your .ply into MeshLab and exporting to a format Blender supports better.

    Good luck!