I'm new and afraid but ready to learn something

I'm new and afraid but ready to learn something (as I've previously mentioned). On top of that, one of the main obstacles for my growth as an artists is posting work online and just reaching out in general. I've never had an online sketchbook, so you're probably gonna see random stuff in the beginning, but my hope is that I can gain more confidence, while maintaining a beginner's mindset (though I'm gonna be a junior illustration major at my art college , so I'm not a complete beginner). I really want to work not only on posting consistently, but having more coherent work, as most of the work I do now is for school and my pieces range by the number of classes I'm taking. Also, always looking to improve on fundamentals in any regard. In any case, I just wanna see how this goes and hope I can get as many eyes of critique and adoration as possible. Thank you!!!

  • I guess my icon should be a good first post to show who I am as an artists and whatnot. I feel like posting work that I like overall to be torn down critically should serve as a good place to start as it improves the chance of me learning something I didn't already know. Let the games begin!

  • crew

    Welcome nympheabluem ! Putting work out there for others to critique or comment on has helped me improve quite a bit as an artist. I'm sure you will find it helpful and encouraging here as well since our community is quite friendly. Also, I'm really digging your profile picture - it's great to see traditional work on here and I hope to see more of it in the future! 

  • Great style. Your work looks great. You'll enjoy the site very much it has helped me tremendously!  I really didnt know what to expect, I thought I would learn the basics of art but that was just the tip of the iceberg here. I have gone through from 2D to now 3 D and the excellerated learning from the courses will have amazing results. Have fun! :)