John Tsai

Baking problem. Visible edge seam or gradient


I am having problem regarding to baking technique described in the blender normal map series. 

I was trying to bake a cube with bevel modifer (left) on to a simple cube (right)

Both cubes has mark sharp on all edge, smooth shading, and auto smooth enabled.

The simple cube has mark seam on all edge and has UV with acceptable margin.

The result of baking with cage option on is shown below. The normal map has no gradient on flat surface, but the render results show visible seam on all edges. (repeating detail?)

I tried it again with auto-smooth off on the low poly cube. The result is great but the normal map has nasty gradient.

I cannot seem to get a good result without having a gradient on the normal map. Can anyone help me with this?

By the way my normal image is 1024*1024 EXR