William Miller

Learning Flow Request

Could you please make a learning flow about shading and texturing in Blender, and maybe one about lighting, rendering, and compositing?

  • Take a look over here:
    - https://www.cgcookie.com/flow/introduction-to-blender

  • I mean more advanced learning flows that contain courses such as "Shader Forge" and "Texturing and Shading a Stylistic Character".  The beginner learning flow doesn't go beyond "Fundamentals of Shading" and "Fundamentals of Texturing".

  • crew
    Hey William, usually for more advanced topics they're stand alone courses such as this course: https://cgcookie.com/course/the-blender-substance-texturing-workflow or this Scifi Helmet course: https://cgcookie.com/course/shading-the-sci-fi-helmet Is there something in particular you're looking to learn that would make for a good intermediate/advanced flow for you?
  • What I mean is that following a learning flow means that I have a pre-made plan for completing a bunch of courses.  There are already such flows for modeling and animation; what I want is the shading/texturing equivalent.

  • I think what William is pointing to this fact that: (see image above)
    - Blender Flows (green colum on the left) only offers beginner level knowledge into certain Blender topics

    But where does one have to browse? look? in the CGCookie courses section, to find more advanced (yellow colum) of even expert level (orange colum) knowledge and/or courses on that same Blender topic?

    Like William stated, existing CGCookie courses only offer on some Blender topic advanced courses, but not on all of them.

    Or perhaps it is a usefull thing to place all existing CGCookie course-material inside this overview above, so everyone instantly knows where to look for more in-depth course material on a given Blender topic?

  • I think you're on to something.

  • Ah I see you mean like a layout where you do all the green column ones, but then each green column one links to a yellow column one that is a more advanced version of the green one. I think that's an interesting layout concept though may have some practical issues (like multiple dependencies)

  • You could have a tree of Blender!