Ronald Vermeij

FORUM USAGE - Is it possible to subscribe to any given thread?

On other forums I am member off, these forums offer the ability to:
- watch certain / all threads i've created myself
- watch certain / all threads i've contributed too

I already found the function that I can get email notification on my own created threads,
(Home, Settings, Notifications and Emails, Answer to Questions)

but (so far) i've not found the ability to subscribe and get notified about updates on somebody else created thread.

  • crew

    Hey Ronald! This idea has come up before and is something that may materialize in the near future. We're constantly looking to improve the community, so your feedback is really helpful!

  • Hello Nick
    Thanks for the feedback on this matter.
    If I encounter more website / forum topics, I will report them back in the Meta forum.

    QUESTION (to avoid double work)?
    Is there a roadmap (present) of upcoming (website /forum / layout / courses) changes?

  • crew
    iindigowarrior9 We don't have an upcoming publish roadmap, though I am kicking around the idea of having a beta member program where we can begin to share things we're working on before they hit the site. We're a small crew, so having those extra eyes could really help! If interested drop me an email

  • wesburke : Hello Wesley / Nick. Do you (both)  there any update on this feature yet?

  • crew

    iindigowarrior9 Thanks for the reminder on this. It's a great idea that I would love to see,  thought it's currently not on our roadmap. Through the beginning of 2019 we're knee deep into updating subscription logic, giving some love to live streams, and a member referral program.  

    That being said we're looking to also expand our team by hiring an additional full-time developer to give us a hand on all of this. 👍 Thanks for hanging with us and have a great week ahead!