Ronald Vermeij

Inspirational material for the (CGCookie) Game (course) Developers:

I've just found some very inspiration material for Game Developers called "Handmade Hero"

"What is HandMade Hero?"
Handmade Hero is an ongoing project to create a complete, professional-quality game accompanied by videos that explain every single line of its source code.


I hope this free material will spark many:
- new creative game ideas for everyone,
-- cgcookie game-dev classes / courses
--- and a whole lot of fun to play games :-)

  • The College of Wooster has opened a valid internship for game developers in the local area. It's a part-time internship for college students with the application deadline (August). The midterm was a hard period for everyone: students and teachers were not ready to start a new project just on the spot.

    customwriting >> Tutorials for interns.