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Hello all I guess it is time to start a new polybook. Been neglecting to post stuff I have been working on so I am going to dump a bunch of stuff now.

Here is my entry to a recent Weekly CG Challenge topic "Death" it looks really dark on my laptop but the computer I worked on it looked brighter.

Currently working on a looping gif of Deku from My Hero Academia.

Also working on a character bust of Sansa Stark here is some progress renders. Currently trying to figure out how I want to stylize her face. Did a lot of experimenting on the shaders especially the skin and thanks to this blog post I got it at a good place right now. 

Also some quick speed sculpts did some experimenting on how best to present the models.

  • looking better than before...

  • The "Death" one looks great! I love the lighting and the interaction between the body and the feathery wings. It really gives it a spooky floaty look. Also I hope I can eventually help with more technical terms than spooky and floaty.

  • Looks like you been busy :D

  • Update on my Sansa render. Tried to improve the likeness. I am considering it near final if you see anything that sticks out please feel free to give a critique.

    A 2-3 hour long speed sculpt trying to capture a likeness of Yanal Sosak

  • Your stuff's gotten incredibly awesome Cody, keep 'em coming! :D

  • Thanks Laura! Your stylized female characters are something I strive to accomplish myself.

    A quick photoshop liquify test based on some critiques I got about the eyes and the expression also thinning out the eyebrows

  • You're welcome! :) And keep at it, you're gonna get there!

    I like the bottom image better. One thing I want to mention is that her eyebrows seem much too high. The eyebrows more or less follow the brow bone (which you can see the shadow it's casting on the eye in your image). To make her frown, you would pull the skin between the eyes down to slightly cover her eyes, and in doing so the eyebrows would come down a bit with it too and scrunch together a bit, rather than raising the ends of the eyebrows. If that makes sense.

    Also, I don't know how you make your eyebrows (are those particles or "hair cards"?), but if it's particle hair, even though it's a huge pain in the butt, I found placing them by hand and manually combing particles gives the nicest results, especially so for female characters who usually have thin eyebrows. It also helps control their thickness more easily (in combination with weight painting), and the correct flow of the hair. You might know all of this though, if so sorry haha!

  • Finished my Deku looping animation 

    Still working on the Sansa render mostly testing out lighting moods and expression tweaks. 

  • While I work on finishing the Sansa portrait which is mostly waiting for renders to finish and tweaking I am getting started on an entry for the BlenderGuru Fantasy competition

  • Good luck on the competition. I'm curious to see what you'll enter.

  • Finally have an update. Started doing larger sample renders and they were taking forever so I lowered the samples and went with denoising. Did some editing to enhance the redness of the hair to make it stand out from all the blue. Increased the DoF. Shrunk the eyes and tweaked some of the shapes. Not sure on the background if I should go simple or more textured. Currently it is a blurred photo.

  • Id say the blurred photo works wonders. it brings the depth of view better out. and this kind of close up, if you had clrear background, it wouldn't work. nicely done!

  • you are approaching the uncanny valley...

    looking very good

  • Thanks Kaj I think I agree that it helps with the DoF. The more clear background conflicts with the more detailed character.

    Curious if there is anything specifically that gives you the uncanny valley feeling Mark?

  • it is starting to look life like...

  • crew

    Looking good Cody! 

    Curious if there is anything specifically that gives you the uncanny valley feeling Mark?

    I'm getting a bit of the uncanny feeling as well, so I made some notes that will hopefully help: 

    Another thing I forgot to mention above is that the eyebrow hairs are too thin and you may want to try painting a density map for your SSS, so that you can have more scattering where there is cartilage and loose skin and less where there is bone. E.G. the base of the nose between the eyes should have much less SSS than the tip of the nose. 

    You're well on the way though, keep it up! Faces are one of my toughest enemies, so props for tackling such a difficult subject. 

  • As usual I haven't posted in awhile, but I am back again.

    Here are 2 models I did recently a werewolf sculpt and a robot. Both were used for the matching a lighting reference challenge.

    I also printed both these models as 9" tall figures. I plan to eventually sand/clean up the prints and paint them.

    Also I got a little bit of a late start on SculptJanuary 2018. I am currently on the Day 6 Topic and trying to catch up.

    Day 1 - Nose and Mouth

    Day 2 - Mask 

    Referenced an oni mask from the cartoon Jackie Chan Adventures.

  • great work :)

  • Day 03 - Excitement

    Day 04 - Desert

    Really struggled on this one because I could not think of a good idea

  • Loving the the dog! :) the camel looks bit off, maybe its those eyes. too shiny compared to the rest of the model. comparing to the dogs eyes which seems more in balance with rest of the image.