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  • Performance

    Lesson: Performance

  • Using Particle Collisions

    Lesson: Using Particle Collisions

  • Acting Out Subtext

    Exercise: Acting Out Subtext

  • Acting Monologue

    Exercise: Acting Monologue

  • Using Hotkey Transformations

    Lesson: Using Hotkey Transformations

  • Using Functions

    Lesson: Using Functions

  • Creating Heavy Rain

    Lesson: Creating Heavy Rain

  • Basic 3D Transformations

    Lesson: Basic 3D Transformations

  • Adding Colliders

    Lesson: Adding Colliders

  • Single Axis Transformations

    Lesson: Single Axis Transformations

  • Directional-Specular Lightmaps

    Lesson: Directional-Specular Lightmaps

  • The 3D Cursor

    Lesson: The 3D Cursor

  • Maximizing Your Unity Game's Performance

    Article: Maximizing Your Unity Game's Performance

  • Development Builds

    Lesson: Development Builds

  • Game Optimization

    Lesson: Game Optimization

  • Creating Custom Snowflakes

    Exercise: Creating Custom Snowflakes

  • Creating Heavy Snow

    Lesson: Creating Heavy Snow

  • Parkour Character Animation in Blender

    Course: Parkour Character Animation in Blender

  • Sci-fi Gyrocopter

    Resource: Sci-fi Gyrocopter

  • Fundamentals of Game Publishing

    Course: Fundamentals of Game Publishing