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  • Lock Object Mode

    Lesson: Lock Object Mode

  • Adding and Removing Objects

    Lesson: Adding and Removing Objects

  • Empty Objects

    Lesson: Empty Objects

  • Importing Objects

    Lesson: Importing Objects

  • Instantiating Objects

    Lesson: Instantiating Objects

  • Object and Mesh Data

    Lesson: Object and Mesh Data

  • Preparing the Retopology Object

    Lesson: Preparing the Retopology Object

  • Objects & Meshes - Quiz

    Quiz: Objects & Meshes - Quiz

  • Exporting Objects

    Lesson: Exporting Objects

  • Using Game Objects

    Lesson: Using Game Objects

  • Unwrapping Mesh Objects

    Lesson: Unwrapping Mesh Objects

  • Objects and Armatures

    Lesson: Objects and Armatures

  • Sculpt 3 Objects

    Exercise: Sculpt 3 Objects

  • Model and Animate a Custom Laser Sword for Beat Saber

    LiveStream: Model and Animate a Custom Laser Sword for Beat Saber

  • Converting Complex Objects to Voxels

    Lesson: Converting Complex Objects to Voxels

  • Using Cage Objects

    Lesson: Using Cage Objects

  • Adding Detail Objects

    Lesson: Adding Detail Objects

  • Object Constraints: Tracking

    Lesson: Object Constraints: Tracking

  • Object Types Visibility

    Lesson: Object Types Visibility

  • Object Origin Points

    Lesson: Object Origin Points