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  • Materials

    Lesson: Materials

  • Material Studies

    Exercise: Material Studies

  • Materials

    Lesson: Materials

  • Maple Syrup Material

    Lesson: Maple Syrup Material

  • Using Emissive Materials

    Tutorial: Using Emissive Materials

  • Fun Material Things

    Lesson: Fun Material Things

  • Adding Materials

    Lesson: Adding Materials

  • Applying Materials

    Lesson: Applying Materials

  • Materials Overview

    Lesson: Materials Overview

  • Fire Volumetric Material

    Lesson: Fire Volumetric Material

  • Materials

    Lesson: Materials

  • CGC Shader Totem

    Resource: CGC Shader Totem

  • Fundamentals of Materials and Textures

    Quiz: Fundamentals of Materials and Textures

  • Casting Materials & Additives

    Lesson: Casting Materials & Additives

  • Shirt & Pants Materials

    Lesson: Shirt & Pants Materials

  • Materials & Shading - Quiz

    Quiz: Materials & Shading - Quiz

  • Fundamentals of Materials and Textures

    Course: Fundamentals of Materials and Textures

  • PBR: Introduction

    Lesson: PBR: Introduction

  • Utilizing Physic Materials

    Lesson: Utilizing Physic Materials

  • Leather Boots Material

    Lesson: Leather Boots Material