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  • Lighting

    Lesson: Lighting

  • Directional Lights

    Lesson: Directional Lights

  • Lighting Scenes

    Lesson: Lighting Scenes

  • Lighting Direction

    Exercise: Lighting Direction

  • Lighting Setup

    Lesson: Lighting Setup

  • Lighting Window

    Lesson: Lighting Window

  • Light Probes

    Lesson: Light Probes

  • Window Light

    Lesson: Window Light

  • Mood Lighting

    Exercise: Mood Lighting

  • Basic Lighting Terms

    Lesson: Basic Lighting Terms

  • Art of Lighting Game Environments in Unity

    Article: Art of Lighting Game Environments in Unity

  • Modeling Wall Lights

    Lesson: Modeling Wall Lights

  • Image Based Lighting

    Lesson: Image Based Lighting

  • Light Paths Overview

    Lesson: Light Paths Overview

  • Understanding Bounce Lighting

    Lesson: Understanding Bounce Lighting

  • Directional Light Maps

    Lesson: Directional Light Maps

  • Baked Lighting Quiz

    Quiz: Baked Lighting Quiz

  • Adding Light Props

    Lesson: Adding Light Props

  • Light and Shadow

    Lesson: Light and Shadow

  • Camera & Lighting

    Lesson: Camera & Lighting