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  • Character Retopology

    Exercise: Character Retopology

  • Blender Character Head Model

    Resource: Blender Character Head Model

  • Game-res Character Model Overview

    Lesson: Game-res Character Model Overview

  • Character Detailing

    Exercise: Character Detailing

  • Yuditya Afandi: "I Still Believe in Heroes"

    Article: Yuditya Afandi: "I Still Believe in Heroes"

  • Character Rendering

    Exercise: Character Rendering

  • Blocking Out Major Forms

    Lesson: Blocking Out Major Forms

  • Week 4 Kickoff

    Lesson: Week 4 Kickoff

  • Week 3 Kickoff

    Lesson: Week 3 Kickoff

  • Modeling an Ornamental Shield with Blender 2.8

    Tutorial: Modeling an Ornamental Shield with Blender 2.8

  • Third Person Controllers

    Lesson: Third Person Controllers

  • Lighting

    Lesson: Lighting

  • Setting Up Image Planes

    Tutorial: Setting Up Image Planes

  • Week 6 Kickoff

    Lesson: Week 6 Kickoff

  • Quick Rigging with Rigify

    Tutorial: Quick Rigging with Rigify

  • Week 5 Kickoff

    Lesson: Week 5 Kickoff

  • Chapter Overview

    Lesson: Chapter Overview

  • Stylized Character Turnaround

    Tutorial: Stylized Character Turnaround

  • What is Production-Friendly?

    Lesson: What is Production-Friendly?

  • Week 1 Kickoff

    Lesson: Week 1 Kickoff