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  • Basic Setup

    Lesson: Basic Setup

  • Basic 3D Transformations

    Lesson: Basic 3D Transformations

  • Basic Shield Shader

    Lesson: Basic Shield Shader

  • Basic Player Movement

    Lesson: Basic Player Movement

  • Basic Raycasting

    Lesson: Basic Raycasting

  • Basic Platform Prefabs

    Lesson: Basic Platform Prefabs

  • Basic Color Schemes

    Lesson: Basic Color Schemes

  • Getting Started in Photoshop

    LiveStream: Getting Started in Photoshop

  • Basic Sheep AI

    Lesson: Basic Sheep AI

  • Forming Basic Shapes

    Lesson: Forming Basic Shapes

  • Normal Map Basics

    Quiz: Normal Map Basics

  • Basic Hair Shading

    Lesson: Basic Hair Shading

  • Basic Game Programming

    Quiz: Basic Game Programming

  • Basic Turret Firing

    Lesson: Basic Turret Firing

  • Basic Anatomy I

    Lesson: Basic Anatomy I

  • Basic Block-Out

    Lesson: Basic Block-Out

  • Blender Basics Hits 1,000,000 Views!

    Article: Blender Basics Hits 1,000,000 Views!

  • Finishing Basic Shapes (timelapse)

    Lesson: Finishing Basic Shapes (timelapse)

  • Digital Art Basics - Quiz

    Quiz: Digital Art Basics - Quiz

  • Creating a Basic Shader

    Lesson: Creating a Basic Shader