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  • Adding the first bones

    Lesson: Adding the first bones

  • Connecting it together

    Lesson: Connecting it together

  • Prepping the file

    Lesson: Prepping the file

  • Creating the "Hero" Tree

    Lesson: Creating the "Hero" Tree

  • Creating Background Mountains

    Lesson: Creating Background Mountains

  • Adding Sunlight and Atmospheric Fog

    Lesson: Adding Sunlight and Atmospheric Fog

  • Final Tweaks & adding God Rays

    Lesson: Final Tweaks & adding God Rays

  • Cool Things About Collections

    Lesson: Cool Things About Collections

  • The Terror of Transparency

    Lesson: The Terror of Transparency

  • Normal Editing

    Lesson: Normal Editing

  • Acting for Animators

    Lesson: Acting for Animators

  • Rigging the lid

    Lesson: Rigging the lid

  • Making the rig pretty

    Lesson: Making the rig pretty

  • Splining your animation

    Lesson: Splining your animation

  • Adding the BG

    Lesson: Adding the BG

  • Modeling Undergrowth

    Lesson: Modeling Undergrowth

  • Modeling Tree Variations

    Lesson: Modeling Tree Variations

  • Tree Material

    Lesson: Tree Material

  • Growing Grass with Particles

    Lesson: Growing Grass with Particles

  • Let's talk about Failure

    LiveStream: Let's talk about Failure