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  • Using Sorting Layers

    Lesson: Using Sorting Layers

  • Playing Audio

    Lesson: Playing Audio

  • Playing Animation Clips

    Lesson: Playing Animation Clips

  • Laying Out UVs

    Lesson: Laying Out UVs

  • Laying the Floor

    Lesson: Laying the Floor

  • Understanding Room Scale

    Lesson: Understanding Room Scale

  • Laying Out Individual UV's

    Lesson: Laying Out Individual UV's

  • Mecanim Animation States

    Lesson: Mecanim Animation States

  • Texturing Game Assets with Blender

    Course: Texturing Game Assets with Blender

  • Animation Events

    Lesson: Animation Events

  • Follow Through

    Lesson: Follow Through

  • Animation Challenge

    Lesson: Animation Challenge

  • 1 Action, 3 Characters

    Exercise: 1 Action, 3 Characters

  • Adding and Removing Objects

    Lesson: Adding and Removing Objects

  • The Game Window

    Lesson: The Game Window

  • 3D Integration

    Lesson: 3D Integration

  • Ejecting Bullet Shells

    Lesson: Ejecting Bullet Shells

  • Introduction to Clay Sculpting

    Flow: Introduction to Clay Sculpting

  • Reaction Shot

    Exercise: Reaction Shot

  • Creating Buttons

    Lesson: Creating Buttons