Unity Rock Prefabs

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Spice Up Your Nature Scenes

Included in this Unity package is a set of rocks created in our Game Asset Creation flow. These are ready to be used in nature scenes or otherwise with little work on your end. Drag the Unity package into your project and you're good to go. Rocks are included within their own folder structure to keep things tidy when you use them in other projects. Package includes one group of all four rocks stacked on each other along with individual prefabs of each rock. Materials and textures are included and applied as well.


The zip file will contain a single Unity package. This package can be imported into Unity by dragging the file directly into your project panel. It will import a series of folders with the main parent folder called "Rock Asset". The child folders will contain the materials, models and prefabs. You can also import this package by going to Assets>Import Package>Custom Package.

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This rock asset was created from start to finish within the Game Asset Creation flow. If you'd like to know how to build game assets like this rock structure from the ground up then this flow is for you.

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