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Sci-fi Modular Level Kit


Build a Sci-fi Environment!

Create your next Sci-fi game with this level kit. This kit comes from our ever popular Tower Defense flow and it ready to be used "right out of the box". No need to build your own sci-fi assets. The asset contains prefabs of both single pieces of environment level meshes such as floor tiles, corner pieces and walls along with more modular pieces put together such as platforms and bridges. Build your own custom variations to use in your own games. Pieces can be put together seamlessly very quickly. Great for prototyping!


Download the resource and inside you'll find a Unity package and a folder for the blend files associated with the kit which comes from the Modeling Modular Game Assets course. Drag the Unity project into your project panel to get started. You'll find prefab folders for modular and single pieces.  

Related Training

As mentioned above this kit was used for the Tower Defense game created in Developing a Tower Defense Game and were modeled originally through the Modeling Modular Game Assets course