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Quick Caster Addon for Decals in Blender 2.8

This python script is a simple addon for quickly projecting image planes into surface decals. The function is based on the technique from this tutorial and featured in the follow up tutorial.

**Compatible with Blender 2.81a.


  1. Install the Addon file
    • Go to the Edit > Preferences and click the Addon section on the left.
    • Click on "Install" in the upper right and navigate to the directory where you downloaded the Addon file called "quickCaster.py"
    • Enable the addon by ticking the check mark on the right side of the addon entry.
  2. Enable the Import Images As Planes Addon
    • While your in the addon preferences, search for "Import images as planes". It's included with official Blender.
    • Enable it.
  3. Import images to become decals.
    • Go to File > Import > Images as Planes and select your desired decal image(s).
  4. Align your images to the surface of the target model.
    • Images need to be positioned in a way that makes sense for projection.
    • Align them using the snapping tools (magnet icon), set to Face snapping and enable "Align rotation to target".
    • *Make sure the image is not intersecting with the target object. Move it away slightly if so.
  5. Project image as decal
    • Select your target first, then SHIFT + click your decal.
    • Go to Object menu > QuickCast.
    • Done!