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HUMAN Realistic Portrait Assets - Simon, Abe, Colin


These high-fidelity portrait assets were created entirely with Blender as part of the HUMAN portrait course. They were designed to push the envelope of photo-realism in ways rarely accomplished with open source software. Let me introduce you to:

SIMON - Simon was the first R&D portrait of the HUMAN development process. In order to teach effective techniques I needed to refresh and refine my own skills first. His workflow was full of light-bulb moments regarding skin detailing, skin shading, believable eyes, clothes shading, and hair grooming / shading.

ABE - Abraham Lincoln was my favorite US president through my school years and the second of my R&D portraits for HUMAN. He has such a unique and recognizable face for which I used to improve my likeness skills. Also his hair style proved a beneficial exercise for the hair chapter in the HUMAN course.

COLIN - Colin is the portrait exhaustively documented in the HUMAN course. He's the culmination of 15 years of experience + Simon and Abe's R&D. You can watch literally every single step of his creation in the course.

What do I do with these?

High-fidelity Blender scene files can be extremely educational when analyzed. Including mesh structure, material construction, particle hair settings, etc - there's a lot that can be learned by poking around.

Practically I think they serve as wonderful lighting practice. I'd love to see you use them to experiment with all kinds of lighting. You could practice studio setups, dramatic lighting, or put the portraits into environments for cinematic stills.

If you like big challenges I'll suggest 2:

  • You could try converting these hi-res portraits to a game-ready versions. This might require lo-res retopo and map baking, but would definitely require hair-conversion. I know it'd be fun though!

  • You could also try rigging and animating the portraits. If you wanted to rig the whole head for talking, the only problem is none of them have teeth or tongues...so you'd need to add those. Alternatively you could focus on isolated rigging tasks like only rigging the eye or only the mouth. This kind of challenge is not for the faint-hearted!

Technical Notes

  • Each .blend is packed with all necessary external files, namely image textures. You could unpack them for opening in Photoshop, Krita. Otherwise you can view / edit them within Blender's image editor.

  • They're dense files between 320-370 MB each. If you want to use the assets in lighting / compositing exercises without modifying them, I recommend linking their "BUST" collection rather than appending. You'll save a lot of file space that way.

  • License: These files and/or any other included material, unless otherwise stated, is meant for personal and educational use only. You may not distribute or use these files for commercial use without prior permission. Any questions please contact us at support@cgcookie.com